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"Hood, helm, and crown. Again we found this motif, but we are no closer to understanding it. Whatever wiped out this civilization also removed all records they may have left behind. What is clear, however, is their mastery of magic. Every piece brought back to the Hall of the Learned is positively radiating with magic, of a kind none of us can identify."
  • Leir, Emissary to Glasya, archaeological journal
  • The rise of the Twelve brought about a new age of understanding and curiosity to Khasrana, and it rekindled dormant questions the people of Khasrana had about their own continent. The jungles in the eastern reaches of the continent, known as the Perim Wilds, were largely unexplored and inaccessible, but by the grace and power of the Twelve, new expeditions were sent into the wilds to learn what they could.   What they found was beyond belief. Evidence that the people of Khasrana were not the first civilization to live on their continent, but the second. Archaeological records suggested that the people of Perimsul were a mighty and prosperous nation, almost covering the entire continent before meeting a mysterious end. No record remains of what caused them to vanish, but their ancient understandings of magic, nature, and astronomy have already helped Khasrana advance even further.


    At its height, Perimsul covered most of the continent of Khasrana. Only the southwestern kingdom of Irmin fell outside of their dominion. Perimsul maintained some small colonies on the northwestern coast of Gaodrun for a time, but these fell back under Gaodrunen authority after a brief military conflict between the two kingdoms.

    Technological Level

    The Perim were highly advanced mages. Spellcraft was woven into the foundations of every settlement no matter how big or small, and Perim's claim over Khasrana is evidence enough of their power at their height.


    The people of Perim believed in a divine triad of gods - the Creator, a mighty force of nature who was responsible for bringing life into the world, the Destroyer, a great specter who guided life from the world, and the Sustainer, a powerful angel who struck a balance between the other two gods. The symbolism of a balanced triangle worked its way throughout Perim culture, as did the emblems of the gods: the crown of the Creator, the hood of the Sustainer, and the helm of the Destroyer. No god was revered over the others, and not even the Destroyer was feared as gods of death in other cultures are.
    Geopolitical, Kingdom
    Alternative Names
    Perim, the Dominion
    Government System
    Power Structure
    Feudal state


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