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Kingdom of Scarlett

A kingdom near the frozen south it was nestled within a mountain range that held the only pass between more prosperous kingdoms.


The Kingdom is overseen by a council of three regents appointed by the Grey Court. As the Prince is coming of age he will take the throne and

Public Agenda

Improving Scarlett, keeping the balance, supporting orc and human society


Scarlett has one of the best armies in the world, a quarter of their trained soldiers are sent out as mercenaries to fill the kingdoms coffers with gold. While the kingdom thrives most of its resources are funneled to the island of Forbuho in the ongoing war with the Azure Republic.


Founded as a merchant outpost within the easiest of passes through the Crimson mountains the city grew rich with the flow of merchants between the lands. The Frozen Wastes of the Grimlot Tribes to the south and the Dragonlords to the north hated each other but craved the resources of either, the Grimlot's had the mines of gold and iron while the Dragonlords had lush countrysides that grew large numbers of food and people, many times the two would raid and it was Scarlett stuck between two warring tribes. The enviroment made raids difficult against the burgeoning city-state and most smaller raiders went further out of their way or paid to traverse the city in peace.   When one determined band of raiders that lived close to the southern side of the Mountains attempted to cross his armies the city-state of Scarlett forced the the Grimlot back. The Grimlot sieged the city but Scarlett laid waste to the enemy and in turn conquered the town directly south. Thinking Scarlett weak from their battles the northern settlement marched upon Scarlett seeking. But the would be invaders were held by a small number of soldiers who used the mountainous terrain in Scarlett to hold back the invading army. They held for three months till snowfall forced the invaders to retreat. Come spring the combined forces of Scarlett and the annexed southern forces attacked the north crushing the Dragonlord and taking the city. With that victory the Kingdom of Scarlett was established, starting with these three cities Scarlett held the easiest pass between the two lands and dictated the flow of merchants and travel between the lands. The lord of Scarlett crowned his son Karus Crimson the first king.   From there the newly crowned King of Scarlett sold his army to the highest bidder leaving half at home to protect the country. As the years went on the soldiers of Scarlett fought more than any other army in the land and grew in power gaining the allegance of several smaller tribes that lived near the Crimson mountains. But wealth brings envy and fear as two new nations grew to combat the growing power. To the south the Grimlot Jarls banded together under the High Jarl Justine who established the kingdom of Grimloth. To the north the Dragonlords all knelt to the banner of Pyrebeard as he forged the country of Pyreland. While the newly organized nations held no love for each other they feared Scarlett more and both began an extended war with Scarlett. The war was tough for the was difficult for Scarlett as almost half of its forces was committed to another battle in a distant country. For five years the kingdom held back the two forces losing all surrounding tribes and settlements till only the capitol remained. But the return of the crown prince Kerberos Crimson changed their fortunes for the better when he returned from his mercenary campaign and invaded the south of Grimloth in a surprise attack. A tactical genius on the battlefield he terrorized all he came across forcing the Grimlot to split their forces when the High Jarl finally reached the southern army they found the invaders left all but a small number of their forces who fled to sea, the remaining army had hidden under cover of snow and moved around the Grimlot forces to return to Scarlett. With the Grimlot forces near Scarlett scattered by a surprise attack from behind the High Jarl suspended her invasion leaving the forces of Pyreland the only enemy for Scarlett. With only a single threat and renewed morale the armies of Scarlett easily won several decisive battles forcing the armies of the Dragonlords to flee. There the battle hardened soldiers bolstered the kingdom with wealth and skill regained the lands lost as well as a few more cities and forcing the invading armies to stop. An uneasy peace was made as the three armies were drawn thin, should Scarlett attack it would leave itself exposed on the other side, while the north and south could no more attack Scarlett for fear of the harder and stronger forces.   When crowned King Kerberos Crimson soon became known as the Mad King of Scarlett for his prowess in terrorizing the enemy as well as his own people when not fighting. But for all the madness the man held none could match he prowess in leading battler and few could match his skill with the blade. When he chose to take an Orc of a bride the people rose up but were put down by his organized soldiers and the large tribe of orcs he allied with. The people waited for the Mad King to die and his line to be overthrown but as the son Jager grew he became known as the great leader his father was not. Taking the riches his father hand hoarded and using them within the kingdom he was hailed as a hero and loved by most. Though some still could not stand one of orcish blood to rule Jager proved just as adapt a warrior and general as his father. He in turn married a half-orc adventurer raising those noble families with orcish blood while snubbing the rest.   The latest King of Scarlett is Jager Crimson the Sixth, he took the crown at five when his parents were murdered by rebels aligned with the Church of Man. Jager was raised by the Grey Court, divine clerics and paladins of balance, who act as regents till the young king comes of age. The The greatest Oracle of the Grey Court has foreseen a magical artifact coming from Forbuho that can plunge their country into darkness. In turn they have done their best to destroy all magical artifacts within the island as well as any within the country. Now that the King is thirteen he has begun take more control over the kingdom but there are some within the Grey Court that question if the Grey Court should surrender rule.

Demography and Population

42% Human 29% Half-Orc 21% Orc 8% Other


The Kingdom of Scarlett currently is contesting the island of Forbuho

Technological Level

A maturing civilization on the cusp of renaissance while their technology in war has progressed to advanced siege engines there are still a great many economical and agricultural advances needed before the Kingdom can reach an age of reason.


The Grey Court was the only church to officiate the Mad Kings wedding to the Orcess. As a reward the Grey Court has monasteries across the Kingdom of Scarlett and is the most common religion as it requires very little from its followers.   The Chruch of man has been banned but is still in practice throughout the kingdom. With many of the older aristocracy supporting the Church its followers are fervent and loyal.

Foreign Relations

Currently at war with the Azure Republic
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Reds, Orcland, Scarlett
Government System
Monarchy, Crowned Republic
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Legislative Body
At first the King had control over all laws and could only be held check by the aristocracy. After the first aristocratic revolt then King Jager the First stripped several families of their titles and established the higher ranks of the army as nobility. Many of noble families had come from positions as this but with flush of new nobles suddenly dissent from the aristocracy was minimized.   Today the regents of the Grey Court have made a great many new laws but as merchants and soldiers alike have been feeling the chafe of too many new ruling pushed back and caused the Regency to pause.
Judicial Body
Jager Crimson the First overthrew the feudal laws after putting down the first aristocratic revolt. He appointed a company from the army as the first magistrates as arbiters of law.   Today the Grey Court continues to support the magistrates but also have begun to hold hearings for conflicts outside of magistrorial control and in response to new problems that arise within the kingdom.
Subsidiary Organizations
Neighboring Nations
Notable Members

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