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Fen Felhound

Governor Fen Felhound

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Even though Fen is almost seventy years old his life as a soldier has kept his body strong, though each day he feels himself getting slower while his body hurts ever so slightly more.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Fen Felhound was part of a small tribe of nomadic Orc who avoided many communities. When one of the orc in Fen's tribe had been found to have kidnapped a human for his wife they expelled him too late as the tribe was nearly wiped out by the surrounding communities. Fleeing into the mountains what few who were left heard tale of a city that not only accepted Orcs and half-orcs but also gave them high ranks. When they found the Kingdom of Scarlett only a dozen Orcs managed to survive.   Fen then a young man joined the ranks of the army and made a name of himself as a strong and reliable soldier. As time went on Fen raised in rank and prestige till he grew to the rank of colonel in the kingdom's army. One of the most decorated soldiers of the Kingdom the regents of the kingdom requested Fen become governor of the empires colony Forbuho. Ever loyal Fen accepted and took the next airship to the city.   When he first was stationed on the island he thought he would manage the city like he used to his soldiers but has since learned leading the civilians is far harder. Constantly at odds with the Grey Court members stationed in the city he relies heavily on his aide Johan Frost whom he appointed as a secretary.


Fen has over forty years of experience as a soldier, everything he has learned has been in duty to the Kingdom. Working within the second Infantry Menagerie for several years before he was moved to the Mercenary Menagerie as a Claw Fen Felhound has the experience of several campaigns under his belt.


Fel began as a soldier in the Army of Scarlett where he quickly made a name for himself for his fighting prowess and was lifted from the base Blood foot soldier to a Talon. From there he assisted his superior the Claw Eventhrow for a few years distinguishing himself as a sold leader and making Claw at a young age. After some years as a Claw he was elevated to Head in a battlefield promotion, taking over when his superior officer was struck down by a mages lightning bolt. His performance in the battle cemented his rank as Head and he continued to rise in ranks reaching the rank of Keeper by the age of fifty. For ten years he was Keeper of the mercenary Menagerie for the Kingdom bringing both honor and vast wealth to Scarlett. While he was considered to be next in line for Ringleader or even Ringmaster one day he was instead tasked by the acting regents to become Governor of Forbuho which he has held for three years now.

Personality Characteristics


Fel believes in the kingdom of Scarlett with his life as it has given him everything. But he worries about the Grey Court. After picking up minor issues that his Secretary has let slip he knows there is a division within the city as some follow him and others follow the Grey Court. Several times now the Grey Cloaks have opposed his decisions and he has had to back down almost as many times as they have. His patients has grown thin as of late and he thinks the Grey Court might be attempting to replace the Prince. While he is far away from the Kingdom he knows Forbuho is important and is willing to do anything to save his adopted home.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Governor of Ruby
Pyreland near the Crimson Mountains
Current Residence
Ruby, Forbuho
Aligned Organization
Kingdom of Scarlett
Other Affiliations

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