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Army of Scarlett


The bottom of the hierarchy are the rank and file soldiers who make up the majority of the army they are called the Blood of the army. Should a soldier prove himself above and beyond the call of duty or show skill in a needed position he will be given the title of Talon and depending on their skill given different weapons and equipment. Those who manage the Blood and Talons are called Claws, a typical Claw will manage ten Blood and Five talons, these are chosen for their seniority and skill in managing others and will often be chosen from Talons who support their Claw.   The assembly of four claws and their soldiers under their command is called a Beast and each Beast is organized a Head, a soldier who has shown the quality to lead over several battles and willing takes on managing greater responsibilities. Of the heads each managed their beast broadly leaving most of the minor issues to the Claws who in turn did the same and left less important issues to a Talon. This way the chain of command trained the next in line should a new Beast be organized or a ranking officer be killed in action the next in line would take up their position in a battlefield promotion.   A group of ten Beasts made up a Menagerie and was led by a Keeper, these were the third highest ranks within the army and commanded at most a total of six hundred and fifty soldiers. The Keeper often had several years of experience and was appointed by either the previous Keeper who retired or the remaining Keepers should the position be open due to death. Of the Keepers in the army two are chosen to be the highest ranks among all, the Ringmaster and Ringleader, the former being the highest while the later is the second in command.   The first two Menageries are made up of almost exclusively of basic infantry with the various talons established for specialized support and alternative weapons. The third Menagerie holds most of the ranged support of the army with only the talons focusing on melee support to protect the archers. The fourth Menagerie is the mercenary corps, stemming from the long tradition of Scarlett selling their services of their armies to fund the grow of their burgeoning kingdom, these are some the the best soldiers in the entire army and the money paid for their services is proof. The fifth Menagerie is that of the Cavalry, with the high mountainous region of Scarlett there were few places for horses but with the Jager Crimson the second he established the Worgs as the official Cavalry of the Scarlett Kingdom. The Sixth and newest Menagerie was established as the siege company, while not always used in attacking fortified encampments the war machines of the sixth company are known for their frightening power on the battlefield.  

  • Ringmaster
  • Ringleader
  • Keeper
  • Head
  • Claw
  • Talon
  • Blood


Established by the first Lord of Scarlett to defend the city-state from the armies of their neighbors. To the south were the Ice Jarls while to the north were the Wrymlords. When the Ice Jarl Joturn nearest to Scarlett attempted to cross his armies through the mountains to raid the Wrymlord's countryside he thought himself strong enough to crush Scarlett. Unwilling to let the forces cross the armies of Scarlett laid waste to the enemy and in turn invaded the under undefended city conquering the Ice Jarl Joturn and his people. Thinking Scarlett weak from their battles the Wrymlord Justine marched only to be held by the small number of soldiers who used the mountainous terrain in Scarlett to hold back the invading army. They held for three months till snowfall forced the Justine and her armies to retreat. Come spring the combined forces of Scarlett and the former Jarl attacked the north crushed the Dragonlord and took the city. With that victory the Kingdom of Scarlett was established, starting with these three cities Scarlett held the easiest pass between the two lands and dictated the flow of merchants and travel between the lands.

Glory to Scarlett, Victory to the Army, Death to our enemies

Military, Army
Alternative Names
Bloody Soldiers, Red Orcs, Scarlet Horde,
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Parent Organization
Kingdom of Scarlett

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