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The Grey Court

There exists an order dedicated to the preservation of balance. Law, chaos, light, darkness - all things must exist in perfect harmony for such is the way of the universe. This order is known as the Grey Court and it trains and employs an diplomats, priests, and sages to uphold its causes in the world.


The court has three order to itself with new members being assigned a position within the order through use of scrying and divinination to find the best fit for each intiate. Each order is headed by three to five elders who manage their part of the order through majority. When the order must be managed as a whole an elder from each order is sent to convene and decide for their order. Below the elders the order has several smaller teams made to train, manage, and/or police members of their respective order, from these teams are assigned in no less than three to fulfill their respective orders agency.  

  • The Order of the Spring, those who foster knowledge and improve society as a whole. Largest in number and most recognized they are often thought to be the entirety of the Grey Court
  • The Order of the Fall their duty is to enforce forgotten or lost justice. Considered heroes and adventurers when injustice is rampant people turn to the Grey Court who send agents of the Fall
  • The Order of the Winter, entrusted with the sacred duty of culling the heard and eliminating those who threaten the equilibrium of the world they are whispered to exist but few will ever see or hear of these agents of the court. But when chaos is suddenly checked and a tyrant or cult is overthrown many whisper of the Grey Cloaks who had helped or organized events.
  • Whispers of a fourth court are made within the Grey Court itself but few have heard or seen evidence.

Public Agenda

The Grey Court is known as scholars and agents of order and growth. Their organization is sought out by kings and nobility to teach their children while commoners with too many children might offer a son to the Court or leave a child on one of the courts temples.


Being known for their prowess in all manner of things the Grey Court has been offered riches and land by nobility in hopes their houses would be granted a trio of Grey Cloaks. These resources have often been used to either support the Court itself or purchase any resource needed be it books or weapons.  

Grey Cloaks of Note

Beatrix the Witch
Ternion the Blade


Originally the Grey Court was a cult that chose to enforce balance in the world through force. While the original cult was small in number they gathered several influential and powerful members who in turn grew the Court with each generation. Their leader the first Grey Oracle had led the group to specific objectives that encouraged growth and prosperity throughout several city-states that eventually grew into kingdoms. With this influence the Court left the shadows and began to openly assist various nobles and chosen few all the while leaving their less proper objectives hidden within the shadows.

Religious, Monastic Order
Alternative Names
Grey Cloaks


While the Grey Court is willing to deal with the Bay of Wrecks it does not like the new management. Similarly the Saturday family see the Grey Court as too stable an influence on Ruby and a threat to the City's expansion. Regardless the two work with each other for profit and promoting peace among the gold flowing through the island.

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