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The Naenanor Empire

"Naenanor" - even to this day, and despite all the has happened, all that has changed with the world, it is still the greatest known empire ever to have carved a place is history.
It is also the greatest fall too.
— Ardimus Lamt, Skoce scholar
  The aelf Empire of Naenanor was a vast nation that reached its peak some three thousands years before The Fracture, having been a significant power for over a thousand years previous. The nation began as an elven settlement in the southern part of Svalskogenheim that is now Skoce, growing into the city state of Valondis which would subsequently claim all the surrounding lands. It would go on to be the largest known nation ever controlling two thirds of the surface of Svalskogenheim and even having significant territorries in Danistlund, dominating this area through both military conquest, and co-operative assimilation.   This ancient civilisation contributed to the modern ideas of government, jurisprudence and political thinking, they developed advanced concepts for engineering and architecture with the inclusion of magica, and finally established cultural and societal norms that still set precedence to this day. The┬áNaenanor also structure, expanded and professionalised their military, and put in place a massive system of civil engineering including the construction of large monuments, palaces, and public facilities.   The empire collapsed suddenly around 2970BF through a combination of political machinations and power plays, the over stretching of the Empire's logistical supply and a surge in fiend attacks and incursions throughout the nation. A full century later the final blow was struck with the Aelf Curse that decimated the majority population of the Empire and doomed it to fall as a part of history.
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
The Gilded Empire, The Empire of Sword and Quill
Government System
Democracy, Parliamentary
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Controlled Territories

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