Reclamation of the Crescent Scope

The Conflict


Gheforis of a Roqbherg, Panz Drof-Ink assimilates people into his cult, the Crescent Scope, teaching them to worship him and how the aldcom is evil for taking their land.


Panz takes all one hundred members of the Crescent Scope to confront the aldcom at their palace.


The battlefield is the open courtyard in front of the Aldcom Palace.


It's a nice sunny day.

The Engagement

Panz walks up to the gates, shouting that the alcomd not only return the land which they stole, but also provide them a yearly reparations for the harm they have done to his people. A guard, with four others, come out to greet him, asking that he kindly vacate the premises. Panz screams at the guard to talk with the aldcom, and that they would not leave until their demands are met, the crowd behind him cheers. The Isynx guard tries to placate him, saying he must make an appointment, and to come back later. Panz, now furious, headbutts the guard in the face while shouting that they declare war. Upon hearing the declaration, the mob rushes the castle. The isynx and his four other guards create a forcefield between them and the mob, keeping them at bay. Fifteen guards posted on outlooks above the gate cast a Ghoa (magic) that puts unimaginable weight on the people until the collapse to the ground, unable to move. More guards rush from the castle to take the incapacitated people away. This conflict, from Panz's initial demands to when the last member of the Crescent scope was taken away lasted only about ten dauz.


When the people were taken in for questioning, it is quickly realized that they had been assimilated to a cult that Panz had created. They take the 100 people to a rehabilitation center to heal and later be reintegrated into society. Panz himself was sentenced to life in prison, or until a deciding figure belives he is no longer a threat to himself and to others. To this day he continues to spout nonsense about how his people had a right to "their land" and how the mother is a vindictive mistress and will come for all the non-believers.


All but eight of the members of the Crescent Scope have been released. The eight that still fight truly believe in Panz and how the aldcom had stolen their land, though neither they nor Panz could say exactly where that was.

Historical Significance


Many see this conflict as a humorous story to tell at parties, but also as a dangerous reminder that anyone can be assimilated into a cult.

Dauz: equivalent to a minute (see Division of Time) Noinkuz: Equivalent to a year (see Division of Time)

Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
511 NK 3/6, early dawn
Ending Date
511 NK 3/6, early dawn
Conflict Result
101 people are apprehended and 100 sent to a rehabilitation center while one was imprisoned.


People of the Crescent Scope
Aldcom Guards


101 creatures of many species
20 Palace guards


All 101 were imprisoned for treason
One got a bloody nose


Reclaim their lost land from the Aldcom
Apprehension of the assailants


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