Haimarchy Sabotage Plot

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When Perduro established itself as an economic power of the The Free Planet Federation one side saw the potential to take Perduro's wealth for their own. Enter The Verin Haimarchy with a plot to sabotague the primary city of Perduro, Digger's Rock. They had much to gain from Perduro's geological bounty. The renown crystals of Mount Dau-Sajhrashi's lava tubes could be used to produce massive spell bombs, while Platinum group Metals could help boost the economy of the Hiarmarchy.

The Conflict


The plot to sabotauge Perduro was a long planned conflict for The Verin Haimarchy. Over the course of several years, Verin saboteurs joined the ranks of the Perduro Miners. They established positions around all the mining shafts, and memorized the patrols and shifts of other miners.

The Day of Execution

The plot commenced in the morning, saboteurs traveled in a group down sections of the mine, carrying stolen meta batteries used for Digger's Shovels. The Batteries were cast into immolation spells throughout the mine, setting up a chain reaction that would cause massive cave-ins underneath the city of Digger's Rock. The only reason the plot was not successful was a pair of Miners running late to their shift. They spotted the 168 saboteurs as they ventured down side-shafts to plant meta explosives. The two miners began to flee for the surface to make Artosen Khandea II (Digger) and the defense forces aware of the plot. One miner was spotted and killed in the escape, sacrificing himself at an airlock door to ensure the others survival. The lone survivor raised Artosen Khandea II (Digger) during his weekly meeting with the Digger Co. Union Chairs

Digger's Retaliation

[As an aside to the Miner] Are you sure? You know where they are? Very well. Thank you.   [Directed at the Union Leaders] Well, it appears we are at war. Our friend has shown me evidence of a plot by a group of Verin to sabotauge our fair city and our planet by planting spell bombs within Dau-Sajhrashi.   [Digger activates the City-wide broadcast, including mine speakers] People of Perduro and Saboteurs in the Mines, I feel like we need a history lesson. My name is Digger. I recieved this name not because I mine, but because my first profession in this universe was digging graves. I say onto you Sabotuers, you have stumbled into the largest grave you've ever seen.
  It was after this speech that Digger went into action, taking hold of his shovel and slamming the end into the floor. It was mere moments afterwards that the entirety of Digger's Rock fell under the whims of a earthquake. There were damages, but at the end of the violent thirty seconds there was silence. The City stood with minimal damage.  
People of Perduro, my apologies for the sudden shaking. The Mines will be closed for a week except for select personel as we clean up the mess.
  It was later revealed that Digger had cast one of the largest manipulation spells in the planet's history, completely flattening a square acre of land that the saboteurs were operating in. When Miners were sent in to reopen the now solid walls they found embedded in the granite a blood-soaked wafer thin layer consisting of 168 verin saboteurs.

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Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Conflict Result
Total Devastation of Verin Haimarchy troops


The battle ended in total devastation of The Verin Haimarchy troops, while Digger Co. and The Free Planet Federation lost only three civilians (two from the Earthquake) and several million credits in damage.   The Free Planet Federation responded to the plot by declared a economic embargo of The Verin Haimarchy, cutting off a crucial supply of Gems and Metals.



168 Hiamarchy Saboteurs


168 Hiamarchy Saboteurs


  • Maintain Independence
  • Victory in time for Happy Hour

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