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The Three Days' War

The Three Days' War is the name of to the Arcadian conquest of Megea and the native Urlans. It was ended by the decisive Battle of Tarrin Tor three days after the war began.

The Conflict


Before battle began in earnest, twenty Arcadian ships landed at Port Melegata while the remaining thirty landed at various small coves around Megea. The main force disembarked and made camp on the shores before sending a delegation of twenty-five to request the surrender of the Urlan defenders. Two of the delegation were killed by arrows as soon as they came within range. Those remaining shouted the demand to surrender but were met with mockery so loud that their message, in all likelihood, could not be heard. The delegation returned to Port Melegata, and the main Arcadian forces (approx. 6,000 soldiers) began to advance on the following day.


The Arcadian force was split in two; 6,000 men landed at Port Melegata on the western coast of Megea, while the remaining 2,600 went around the island and docked in various small coves and harbors on the south side of the island.   The Urlan force remained one until battle began.


As the main Arcadian force advanced, a thick fog began to set in. At noon on the second day, the force fortified their encampment, waiting for the weather to clear. On the third day, the fog cleared enough that the Arcadian commanders would have begun marching, had the Urlan forces not come upon them at that moment.

The Engagement

While many small regiments of the Arcadian forces advanced inland, convening nearly in the exact middle of Megea, the main bulk of the Arcadian forces advanced slowly, not wishing to be taken by surprise. Two days after they began their advance, they were forced to halt and fortify their position by heavy fog so thick that men could not see the ends of their spears. On the morning of the third day, the fog began to lift, and the watchers roused the camp. The Urlan forces had surrounded their camp in the night, under cover of darkness and fog, and outnumbered the defenders by three to two. The Arcadian forces prepared to defend their camp.   Two hours after the camp was roused, the fog lifted completely and the commander of the Arcadian force, Lampos Astemini, recieved a sending spell from the commander of the split forces. They had gathered together and were now hurrying towards the encircled fortification. Lampos quickly drew up a strategy to catch the Urlans between the two forces, and the Arcadian reinforcements arrived an hour later.   When the reinforcements arrived, they immediately began to harry the Urlan forces with arrows and spells from atop a nearby hill. The Urlan gathered for a charge, but as they began to attack, both the Arcadians in the camp and those on the hill countercharged. The bulk of the Urlan army was caught between the Arcadians and destroyed, and the remaining Urlan fighters quickly surrendered.

Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
Arcadian victory; Megea annexed


Kingdom of Arcadia
Urlan Tribes


Approx. 8,500 infantry, 100 warmages, 50 ships (used primarily for transport of soldiers)
Approx. 9,000 infantry


Approx. 150-300 infantry, 1 ship (ran aground on an unseen reef)
Approx. 2,400 infantry


Conquest of Megea
Protect themselves from conquest

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