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War for the Hub Lands

Krenjor's short-lived rule over the Hub Lands


"So, if I got this right... The rovers won their freedom back, only to be captured again by the King? That's... sad."
— Alex Yaerian

Like many other nations, Krenjor had always had its eyes on the Kingdom of Archana and its riches. Despite that, they were never able to conquer it as Artalgne did, and most of it was to blame on the Rovers and their maritime superiority. And so a plan was devised to overcome this foe: they would first strike their home directly, the Hub Lands, and then use it as an outpost to invade Archana.

The Conflict


Never expecting an attack at the Hub Lands, most rovers used to be either traveling or somewhere in Blackbourne. Krenjor's surprise attack worked, and it was a matter of a week for them to take hold of the entire coast. With this, the rovers were weakened, and even those who heard the news and could organize themselves weren't able to retake their lands.

Krenjor is a fragmented, warring land, though. A few weeks later, most of the krenja troops were called back to their homeland to help with local struggles, leaving the Hub Lands unprotected. Soon the rovers took this opportunity and struck back, driving their overlords away.


This event opened up the opportunity for Archana to expand. With ill-intended promise of protection, King Edric offered a deal which the rovers accepted - the Hub Lands would now be part of the kingdom, and in exchange they would both have full access to each other's lands, and the rovers would be able to enjoy the land military and the organization of Archana's political system.

Historical Significance


The resistance that formed against Krenjor gave rise to the Legend of Ol' Deepsea and culminated in the founding of the Pirate Order. They would later open the path to Alwer Deepsea, who is heavily involved in Archana's current events.

Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Conflict Result
Krenjor did conquer the Hub Lands, but was soon forced out
The Hub Lands



Led by





Kick the krenja troops out from the Hub Lands and guarantee the rovers' freedom
Invade and take the Hub Lands, weakening the rovers' forces to stablish an outpost to attack Archana.

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