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The Mirror War

The Conflict


The noble family Reyian of Chaice had a beautiful mirror as a family heirloom, passed through the women. The last undisputed owner, Iriena Reyian, died with assigning the mirror to it's next owner. The younger daughter Celien received the mirror but her older sister Gerti, who was married to a Cedraian noble and lived with him in Cedrar, believed she should inherit the mirror. Celien refused to give up the mirror and so Gerti employed men to steal the mirror for her.


When the theft of the mirror is discovered, Celien raised a small army and marched them to Cedrar to take the mirror back with force. Upon hearing the news that her sister was coming with an army, Gerti raised her own troops and prepared for battle.


The troops stood in a face off for 7 months. There were a few minor battles, but most of those months were spent in a stalemate.


The majority of the standoff took place during a dry summer. Gerti's troops stayed mostly within the walls of her fort. Celien's troops were outside of the walls in a camp in the middle of a vast field. There were a few deaths from heatstroke, with many of the soldiers sitting either in the hot sun or in stifling tents.


The short term effects are mostly on the men of the armies and their families. The families of the men who died or were permanently injured did financially suffer in the short term.


Gerti's descendants kept the mirror, with it being inherited down through the eldest daughter or granddaughter.

Historical Significance


The main legacy of the Mirror war is as a joke. Someone who believes they are owed something due to their birth they are referred to jokingly as 'Gerti'.

Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
18th Bloms, year 1 MW
Ending Date
26th Shead, year 1 MW
Conflict Result
After having the Royal Judge of Chaice step in, Gerti, being the eldest, ended up getting the mirror.


Gerti's Men
Celien's Men


Eight thousand men and fifty horses.
Nine thousand men, eighty cavalry horses.


38 men from battle, 12 men from injuries gained in battle, 3 horses. 14 men were permanently injured.
41 men from battle, 10 men from injures, 13 men from heatstroke, 6 horses. 5 men were permanently injured.


Keep the mirror for Gerti.
Take the mirror back for Celien.

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