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The Two March War

The Conflict


In the middle of the steady decline that would eventually lead to the end of the Empire of Thrain, it was determined by the ruling body that another great string of conquests was what was needed to reinvigorate the failing empire. To this end, they set their sights on what they though was a relatively undefended dwarven stronghold, Stalen Haard. At that time, the underkingdom, nestled deep in the sheer cliffs of the then Iron Canyon, was only thought to have been manned by a thousand militia members. This was seen as a soft target, easy pickings for the desperate empire.


Ten compliments of 1000 soldiers, plus support staff, were deployed from the staging base established in modern day Greymarch


Stalen Haard was located several miles into the steep sided Iron Canyon.

The Engagement

Several weeks before the actual invasion, the dwarves of Stalen Haard caught wind of the coming engagement, and in light of the imbalance in forces decided that the best course of action was to prevent the engagement altogether. To this end, they set about collapsing the walls of the canyon, blocking themselves safely inside their well provisioned home. When the Thranish forces arrived at the mouth of the canyon after a week long march from the Greymarch, they were met with several miles of loose granite between them and their target. The army stayed stationed near the canyon for a few days, periodicaly sending out scouts to see if the dwarves had opened a way into the mountain yet. In the end, the commanding general decided to cut their losses and return home, saying "I'd rather not fight an army that will not hesitate to bury themselves alive." The engagement was officialy ended after the return march to Thrain lands.


Though the leaders of Thrain tried to pass the failed invasion off as a training exercise, it political weakened the already waning empire in the eyes of its neighbors. The dwarves, no worse for wear, began to excavate their home about a month later and were completely done within the season.


While the Empire of Thrain would have most likely fallen without the help of the Two March War, the one lasting effect that can still be seen to this day is the now gracefully sloping, yet still quite rocky Iron Valley the houses the modern Stalen Haard.

Conflict Type
Military Campaign
Battlefield Type
Start Date
1000 Second Era
Ending Date
1000 Second Era
Stalen Haard







Gain a foothold in the Dwarves underground tunnel systems for further advancement.
Defend the underkingdoms main artery to the rest of Thea

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