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The Battle for Tarin

"Rise and shine, ladies!" An older Knight called to her trainees. All had made their deals recently, too young to know much about Knights beyond the initial excitement about meeting the Gods face to face. "Training time!"   One of the trainees groaned loudly, rolling over in bed and hiding her face under her pillow. "We trained all day yesterday!" she whined, voice muffled. "Why do we have to train more today?"   Another voice pipped up from beneath her covers. "It's not like we're in an active war right now anyway! It's Summer! We don't fight in summer, and fall is months away!"   The older Knight sighed roughly. What were they telling the youth these days, that Knights only fought during the endless War of the Seasons? "We don't only fight to claim Isos. And we don't only train to beat out the Knights from up north to prolong summer." She spoke slowly, frowning at her trainees. "We train so we can be prepared if It comes back."   The second trainee to speak poked her head out of the covers. "... It?" She asked. "What do you mean It"   The older Knight hid her face in her hands. "Maslian vania, have they told you nothing? No one said anything about the thing trying to kill our planet?"   That seemed to get their attention. All whining stopped, the young knights staring at their elder with wide eyes.   She sighed softly. Training would have to wait. "Let me tell you about the Interloper..."

The Conflict


The Elder Gods had heard an unearthly shriek from the heavens. At first, they believed the shape hurtling towards them to be an asteroid. But as it drew closer to the planet, they realized it wasn't a rock, but a figure. It landed upon the Divine Realms that Deceit called home, the entire floating island tipping and swaying.   A Celestial that wasn't their mother had landed on their planet. And it clearly thought it belonged here.


The two Goddesses met their foe upon the lands of the Divine Realms.

The Engagement

Truth and Deceit used everything in their power to attempt to force the interloper back. Celestial, essentia, elemental magic... Everything they threw at the 20 foot tall creature didn't seem to harm it. But they didn't stop. They had to stop this Celestial, or else it would claim the planet for its own and everything their mother had created would be lost.   The Interloper fired off a massive blast of Celestial magic at Truth and Deceit, the two thrown backwards. They barely retained consciousness, vaguely aware of hands grasping at their own and pulling them to their feet. Dimly, they realized they were being led by two others, two new Gods that they'd never seen before. The two turned once they were behind cover, their heterochromia startling to the older Goddesses. The two young gods had eyes that mirrored one another, the white haired male's right was the same color as Deceit's, and his left the same as Truth's. The blonde woman's were the opposite. It was suddenly clear to Truth and Deceit what had happened; the blast had torn them asunder, creating two new Gods; Order and Chaos.   The exhausted Goddesses of Truth and Deceit despaired. Split as they had been, their powers were weakened. Surely, if they couldn't push it back before, how could they now? Chaos, impatient and impulsive, grabbed Truth's sword. "Less talking, more fighting." he snapped before rushing out from behind their cover. Order, calm and collected, gazed at her other half and at Truth. "You call mother. We'll distract it."   Order and Chaos attached suddenly, the two young Gods startled the Interloper, distracting it from their other halves. The two exhausted Goddesses called out to Fate, they needed her now more than ever. But would their mother arrive in time?   Order was more defensive, creating wards and barriers and lashing out with Celestial magic and ice magic interchangeably. Chaos moved erratically, the Interloper losing track of him momentarily. That moment was long enough for Chaos to leap into the air, slashing the blade against the Interloper's antlers with as much strength behind it as he could muster. The Interloper screamed, the antler falling from it's huge, masked head, crashing from the side of the divine realms before dropping to the surface below. It shattered to pieces upon impact, Celestial magic leaking from it and into the ground.   The Interloper slashed out with Celestial magic harshly, the corrosive substance splashing against Chaos's face. He dropped, Order catching him. Before the Interloper could bear down on the young Gods and destroy them completely, another Celestial appeared. Fate dragged itself through a portal, shrieking its displeasure.   The Interloper's eyes grew to pinpricks, hastily retreating before the might of its fellow Celestial.


The very ground is corrupted by the fallen Antler, and the Red Forest is created. The two Elder Goddesses are split into four.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Conflict Result
The Elder Gods manage to push back the Interloper.


The Interloper
The Elder Gods


Two Divines (Truth and Deceit)


One Antler from its head.
Two Divines are split into four (Truth, Deceit, Order and Chaos)


Seize control of the Planet Tarin
Protect the Planet from the Interloper.

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Jul 23, 2018 21:07 by Barron

That was an intense read, I actually quite enjoyed it. Great art as well. I wonder what sort of stories are told about this fight? A little quote about some old grandpa speaking of the legend might fit in really well. :D

Jul 23, 2018 23:53 by Crimz

Thank you!   If I'm being honest, I'm not sure if many stories are told about it at all! The Elder Gods hadn't created mortals when this fight occurred. It's very likely that none but the four themselves know the full story. I do like the idea of a quote though, I'll have to think about it!

Jul 23, 2018 21:43

Very interesting story and fight. Are there any stories about whom the interloper was or where it came from? Just curious how the people see this war. Is it more a god creation story of how the two became four, or does it have some moral meaning behind it as well? I would also like to know what Order was doing. The story just mentions the creation, but not the role in the battle.

Jul 23, 2018 23:56 by Crimz

Thanks! The Interloper is part of a species called Celestials that I haven't fully fleshed out yet. I know they're essentially aliens, and I know they create planets. I've thought of the Interloper as being a Celestial that steals planets rather than making its own.   As for how people see the war, people weren't around when it happened! I must've been half asleep when I wrote this, I guess I forgot to add that piece.   Order was helping Chaos distract the Interloper while Truth and Deceit called for Fate. I'll tweak the wording to make that more clear!

Jul 23, 2018 23:06

I'm confused about the eye thing, the two new gods reflect the older ones? I'm not sure what it means, did the two new gods have heterochromia? And how did it reflect the older gods? But other than that, I really like the battle, and how fate was able to come in to help at the last second.

Kriltch, arcanities not included.
Jul 24, 2018 00:00 by Crimz

Ah, I apologize! I'll have to go back and make that more clear. I'm hoping to add illustrations eventually. You are correct, Order and Chaos have heterochromia. Their eye colors are one of Truths and one of Deceits, though the order is reversed. For Chaos its right = yellow and left = red, and for Order its right = red, left = yellow.   Thank you, though!

Jul 23, 2018 23:29

Interesting article. Like a couple other people have said I was a bit confused about the references to the eyes.

Jul 24, 2018 00:01 by Crimz

Thanks! My apologies. I'll definitely have to do a re-write. Order and Chaos have heterochromia, and the two colors of their heterochromia are the colors of Truth and Deceit's eyes.

Jul 24, 2018 00:22

Oooh that's cool.