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The Parting War

During the Age of Creation, Arbressian was one single plane of existence where everything was always changing, moving and evolving in a complicated dance. All of the gods and their creations coexisted on one shared plane. For thousands of years it worked fairly well.   However, all things come to an end eventually. The gods had had feuds in the past but this one would turn out to be nothing like the others. With the fight happening during the span of a single day it managed to sunder Arbressian into several parts, creating multiple planes of existences where there was only one before.

The Conflict


The gods had an agreement that their creations would leave the other gods' creations in peace. Any god could create two different beasts and have them fight and kill each other but if they went after those of another god it was a violation.   A few of the gods enjoyed having their own creations tear each other apart but after thousands of years they started to get bored. They felt the itch to poke the hornets' nest, metaphorically speaking. The first few times they did it only resulted in a scolding from the targeted god, a reprimand to keep better track of what their creations were doing. It was then a slow manipulation to make several of the sentient races belonging to different gods start fighting each other. The ploy succeeded and led to the parting war.


The new planes of existence were all unstable and precarious places to live for the first few years after the war. Most of the sentient and mortal races chose to go settle down in the prime material plane which was the most stable and suitable for them at the time. Their gods created portals for them to get through safely if they had not already ended up on the prime material plane after the sundering.   All races were diminished, both in health and numbers after the clash of the gods. Some never forgave the gods for this and turned their backs on them. Others threw themselves into worship even more ardently, not wanting incur the wrath of such terrifyingly powerful beings.


When the gods fought and tore the world apart into separate planes, rifts appeared in the fabric of reality. This gave openings to new, strange and often powerful beings to sneak through and start making a place for themselves. Some of them just want to live in peace but that is definitely not the case for all of them.   The rifts can also cause temporal shifts and bring things and creatures from other universes through portals they originally believe will lead them back to their own world.
Conflict Type
Start Date
Year 11148 of the Age of Creation
Ending Date
Year 0 of the Age of Parting (one day later)
Conflict Result
The one plane of Arbressian was sundered into several different planes of existence. The gods, weakened and bitter after the battle, chose to live on separate planes.


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