One man war

The Conflict


One man, usually referred to as the mad king, declared himself independent of Baugyse , making his small cottage near Boisbou the place from which he would lead. Baugyse sent a delegation in order to sort the situation out, but they were promptly turned away, after the mad king declared war on Baugyse. One platoon of guardsmen were sent to take him down.


After finding that the mad king had barricaded himself in his home, the house was surrounded.


Sunny and dry

The Engagement

Three men at the door started breaking down the door and when it fell, the mad king fired an arrow from a crossbow, hitting one of the guardsmen in the leg. Surprised at the unexpected resistance and seriousness of this mission, the guardsmen became confused and disorganised as the man rushed out with an old sword. One guard got hit, stumbling back, while the ones next to him franticly tried to get their swords out.

The guards behind the building started running towards the front, as the mad king managed to get another hit in, this time wounding an arm. Around this point the guardsmen managed to re-organise, pulling their weapons free, with the intent to kill.

With swords drawn the guards lashed out, wounding the mad king mortally. The captain of the guards managed to stop the other guardsmen before the mad king was completely disfigured, but not before death by blood loos was inevitable.

The guards claim that the mad kings last words were "My life for the new land"


The land with the house was handed over to the local lord, who cleared the house and then sold it.


While some, especially those in higher social classes, thought that this man was mad, commoners weren't so sure about that and started thinking more about the possibility of an uprising.

Historical Significance


Near Boisbou the term "The mad king" has come to mean both this man and the current ruler, Mirco Terashine

Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Conflict Result
Decisive victory for Baugyse


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