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Cycle of Blood

Journal by Aplias Centergloom, Obsidian

Although I have made my report, I don't think it does justice to what we witnessed today.

As I approached the area, I ordered a full stop to survey the scene. It was very quiet. This fight was over. I selected a dozen men to enter the area with me. I told Hanna and Thrak (Coal) to secure the outer area.
What we saw in the courtyard was beyond anything I expected. I have seen beheadings and hangings and the butchering of animals. This was beyond that and several of my men could not hold their stomachs. I sent five back to help with base camp. I don't even know why I'm avoiding the description a book no one will likely read.

The first thing you see is the blood, not just small pools under bodies, these are massive pools with chunks of innards in them. A heart or some eyes even, wrapped in the stomach tubes. The pools were everywhere, it became hard to walk without stepping in them. Some had streaks through them that would connect one pool to another. It is possible that people were drug through these pools, likely still alive given the splashes around the pools.

The next thing you will notice is the walls of the Beacon. The walls were dark, but on further inspection, they were a deep red color....blood...painted on the walls. Every wall was covered in many did they kill to do that? Why cover the walls?
The last thing I noticed was the lack of bodies, none...not a single body. Where are the people? Were there any survivors...with this much blood...I doubt it. These thoughts circled in my head as we moved closer to the Beacon. Maybe....hopefully there are survivors hidden inside.

That hope was dashed when I saw the doors smashed completely. There was no protection for them without those doors. Looking inside the main chamber was enough to one survived this....this is a massacre. In the entry chamber...with a ceiling 20 feet tall. There were the bodies piled from floor to ceiling...well part of them anyway. This was a pile of arms and legs, torn from the bodies and left here. We found the bodies hanging from the top to spill blood down the walls. The heads were never found. We left quickly and just watched from the mouth for the reinforcements. The Toroka never came back.

The Conflict


During the construction of the new city, Thorin Grimglove (Obsidian) sent several groups to watch and learn about the Toronka. It appears they sent groups to watch the Beacon as well. It was not until work on the city center began that they attacked. There are several theories, but the actual trigger may never be known. The most common theories include a disturbance of burial ground and a territorial dispute. These are most widely accepted due to a symbol painted in blood on the wall of one of the newer buildings, but not on the Beacon itself. Perhaps the Beacon was just before the territory, while the city was not. The exact nature of the symbol is unknown.

Declaration of War

At the arrival of the message, Kyren Thindlethume immediately declared war against the Toronka. The council did have some debate over this, but the Kyren had complete control over the military. It wasn't until after Pythinera Agerinigh and the Era of Light that the council gained more military control.
After hearing the reports of the massacre, the Kyren discussed the possibilities of a counter attack with a military council. At this point, most of these men had never fought an intelligent force and the inexperience was enough for Kyren Thindlehume to remove the declaration. He did order them to get more information on the Toronka and authorized a military fort in the cave entrance for security purposes and to help quell the fear of the people.


Over 5000 people were part of the construction of the city. There were 2000 soldiers deployed to protect the site.


The Lost Beacon

The Recorded History

With no survivors, the specifics of the fight are drawn from the reports of Thorin Grimglove, Obsidian of the Beacon Ash and Aplias Centergloom his soldiers that were written in the aftermath. This assessment is made with those reports, as well as documents from the site and historical reviews.The war is divided into three parts.

Battle of Dust

Dust Crawls in the Yorup during 1208
Early Red: The Toronka make a surprise attack. Workers are rushed to the Beacon as the soldiers defend them.
Estimated Losses: 350
Early Purple: A messenger is sent to Crevice. Toronka take the opportunity to drive a group into the Beacon.
Estimated Losses: 250
The Blend: The door is battered, but holds. Archers are able to drive them away.
Estimated Losses: 55

Battle of Thine

Thine Crawls:
Green: The door is battered again and it cracks. Archers kill hundreds and drive them back again.
Estimated Losses:None reported, this shows a break in protocol.
Early Orange: The door is battered again. It does not hold. Fighting breaks out all over the beacon.

Note: Obsidian Grimglove is assumed dead in this attack as he files no more reports. The following are assumptions based on evidence found from other notes and final letters to family. These notes will be filed separately.

Battle of Elyn

Elyn Crawls
Early Green: A group of approximately 200 fight at the cave exit. Led by Ebony Siltur, the group attempted to get a few hundred survivors into the cave. No survivors.
Orange:This appears to be the final battle. A group of 50 Coal were in a half built structure, protecting approximately 100 people. The structure seemed to hold well as they report they had defended from 5 different assaults. The final lines of the report are worrisome and will be quoted directly.
We can tell they are preparing to strike again. The ground is shaking. Not a quake...something is walking and shaking the entire
No other reports mention anything like this. There may have been other survivors after this time, but this concludes this report on the events.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Dust Crawls in the Yorup during 1208
Ending Date
Elyn Crawls in the Yorup during 1208
Conflict Result
The city site in the Lifestone Forest was abandoned
Lifestone Forest
Lifestone Forest
Geographic Location | Aug 7, 2018

Life in the opposite direction

Species | Jul 23, 2018

Living in a world upside down

The Lost Beacon
Building / Landmark | Aug 7, 2018

The Cost of Expansion




Physically stronger
Size of force (estimated 5000+ troops)
2000 Soldiers
5000 Civilians
Defensive Position


Estimated 1200
2 messengers survived


Protect Territory? Religious? Unknown
Land Expansion

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23 Jul, 2018 22:39

Jesus, that was a messed up quote. Vivid and visceral. Well written my friend. I am a tad confused on the context of the side bar battles. I read through them and assumed it is a timeline of the assault. Perhaps a quick header would help establish the purpose?   Great job all around.

23 Jul, 2018 22:46

Thanks, I moved the history part up top so that it makes more sense. Hope that helps the flow a bit more.

23 Jul, 2018 22:53

The Gruesome quote at the beginning really eventuates the rest of the article, very nicely done. I also love how much mystery is around the battle, so many questions! The question I have that I think could be answered is: what do the colors mean in the battle reports?

23 Jul, 2018 23:01

Oh, it's how they tell time. Here is the article on time.

23 Jul, 2018 23:09

Much more clear, thanks.

23 Jul, 2018 23:20

Very gruesome and dark, I love it! I am curious about what happened to the Toronka. Did they just disappear? Or did they go somewhere else?

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They are still there. I have plans to do more with them in the future. I have an article on them, but it's pretty basic at the moment. The link is on the side of the article, if you didn't notice it.

24 Jul, 2018 00:23

That is a lot of gore in that quote. A LOT. have there been other encounters with the Toronka? Are they always this brutal?

24 Jul, 2018 00:28

Mostly a few skirmishes with scouts. They are brutal, but nothing as bad as this one. It goes to the idea that this one was also being used to send a message of some sort.

24 Jul, 2018 00:23

The quote at the beginning set up the mood. I love the details in this article that follows. Great use of the sidebar!. Keep up the good work

24 Jul, 2018 00:29

Thanks, I'm glad you like it. I hope to expand on them later as well.