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The Siege of the Tower

A war against the Grey Cowls by the queen of the Scalis kingdom that was won and lost in an hour of the first siege's start

The Conflict


A large cult of Yig was discovered and purged by the Grey Cowls which contained many respected and powerful people within the Scalis kingdom causing a uproar and pressured the queen to declare war.


The queen deployed two thirds of the entire kingdoms military which totaled in the field 20 000 foot soldiers, 500 cavalry, 50 of various siege engines, and 1000 archers. Making this conflict the largest the Vishkanya have ever participated in.   Grey Cowls recalled all forces within the kingdom of Scalis until the situation had been dealt with leaving them with about 1 Grey Watcher 50 Unhooded 20 Grey Cowls and 35 Brown Cowls. arriving after the battle the kingdom of Colsai sent 5000 footmen and 1000 cavalry to back up their allies with some soldiers stationed nearby.


The surrounding field of the Tower and towards the sea where the ships where stationed


Clear weather but chilly temperatures

The Engagement

The attackers encircled the tower giving plenty of space between the front line and the stone of the tower. this took the most time of the entire battle.   as soon as the siege engines were set up the Grey Cowls started their attach quickly destroying the siege engines.   With over 100 of very power full magus attacking in a full frontal assault it was a massacre with each Brown Cowl killing 8 or more every few seconds the grey cowls closer to 20 and the Unhooded about 50 and the Grey Watcher Vera killing giant swaths of soldiers turning to ash or killed beneath the blades of their glaives.   A full retreat was issued after holding their ground for less than a minute with the Grey Cowls in pursuit.   the Colsai reinforcement footmen were used to track down any enemy soldiers who tried escaping further inland. while the cavalry was used to slow the retreat onto the ships to allow the grey cowls to catch up.   After battle reports claim no prisoners. Only one ship managed to escape


The queen immediately offered unconditional surrender after reports returned of the battle and was granted the Grey Cowls seeing no further need for punishment.


Grey Cowls granted entry into the kingdom and given complete jurisdiction although hostility continued and attacks on the Grey Cowls stationed there common. this continued until eventual diplomacy between the Grey Watcher Tion soothed tensions.

Historical Significance

In Literature

Several accounts by the Colsai reinforcements were written describing the aftermath of the battle. A song was written called When Snakes Go Crawling Home.

Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
1032 AF
Ending Date
1032 AF
Conflict Result
Vishkanya suffered a crushing defeat


Grey Cowls
Scalis Kingdom


1 Grey Watcher 50 Unhooded 20 Grey Cowls 35 Brown Cowls.   Arriving after the main battle: kingdom of Colsai 5000 footmen 1000 cavalry
20 000 Foot Soldiers 500 Cavalry 50 Siege Engines 1000 Archers


2 Grey Cowls 5 Brown Cowls 13 Footmen 27 Cavalry
50 Siege Engines 467 Cavalry 957 Archers 19 852 Foot Soldiers   224 Survivors


Defend the Tower and deliver a message.
To destroy the Grey Cowls and the Tower.

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