Siege of Widow Junii's Cabbage Patch

We will not stand idly by as our lands are further militarised under the cruel yoke of the Legions and the bastard emperor!
— Dercius Valjean
  A famous and short lived war that stands as a testament to the ferocity of the Legions and the folly of youth.

The Conflict


For months before, various student bodies of universities situated in and around Lindum had been rallying against what they perceived as the increased militarisation of the Empire by the raising of two more Legions, at this point in history bringing the total up to fourteen Legions.   A force of 600 students were intent on marching on Lindum itself, gathering more men as they went and demanding the senate reconsider the raising of the Legions. They marched East along the Appian Way, the road connecting Lindum to Cornerstone and after several hours marching and rabble rousing they met a Contubernium of the first legion. The Contubernium, led by Decanus Arruns Clovius Arcavius were taking rest at a farm owned by the widow Junii.   The body of students were ordered to disperse back to their respective universities and that the Legion could not allow such a body of animated men towards Lindum. Stones were thrown from the back of the student body and this was seen as the signal for the Legion troops to be attacked. Surging forward they caught the Legionaries by surprise for a moment, forcing them to retreat back to the widow Junii's villa garden. The battle had begun.


The student mob moved to surround the garden area where the Legionaries had taken cover, and establish and all round siege.   The Legionaries defended the four narrow gates entry to the villa garden two to a gate, shields blocking the way.


A flat area of garden amongst a farm, in the area of a walled garden, with all 4 gates becoming a microcosm for a city siege.


As usual for the early summer the weather was hot and dry with clouds rolling through.

The Engagement

The students threw themselves at the legionaries en-masse, thinking they could overwhelm them with sheer numbers. What followed is a massacre that reached legendary status, the 8 Legionaries held the walled garden for 4 hours straight constant fighting utilising their shields, armour and Gladius in the most professional Legion manner.   After the dust had settled, 150 students were dead, the rest had fled.


The rest of the rabble were hunted down and transferred to a hard labour colony as slaves.


The Empire remained intact and the efficiency of the Legion was cemented, all further civil unrest became peaceful, lest they suffer at the hands of the Legionaries.

Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
Victory for the Legion, student rebellion quashed


5th Contubernia, 3rd Century, 2nd Cohort - LEGIO I - The Praetorians
The Popular Front against Military


Approximately 500 students armed with daggers, stones and sticks.


Nil, minor wounds sustained to two.
Approximately 150 dead.


Maintain the peace, disperse the students.
March on Lindum and make their voices heard.


Author's Notes

Inspired a little by one of my favourite moments of Irish History: The Battle of Widow McCormacks Cabbage Patch

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