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The five minute war

The shortest war in worlds history was two cults one is on the the land of fire of ash and is called rondo the other is on the land of beasts and is called bendor. They hate each other and didn't like the government either. One day they each came out in the morning to surprise each other and they fired there cannons at the same time that they clashed each other ships and were all wiped out at the same time there were all killed at the same time. This war took about five minutes the people of the land of fire and ash and the land of beasts told the government that they saw some ships in the horizon that just exploded. So they sent investigation crews to investigate the prodlem. They found one hundred people killed on both sides and ten n each side who almost made it alive. The one good thing about it is that both have no conflict in the court in the land of fire and ash or in the land of beats. In the land of beasts and in the land of fire and ash there was a great big grave site that families helped build to hold the people that died. It is a big place that holds one hundred and ten men on each country in the two grave sites. The site is light full and is uplifting it looks like it tries to push out the sadness in the peoples hearts. Some dragons that were walking on the beach saw the ships and them exploding. A dragon flying over the fight saw the battle as well. People from all over the world knows the shortest war in history and it is holds te record of the shortest war ever because how could beat five minutes.

The Conflict


On the ocean in between the land of fire and ash and the land of beasts.
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
All were dead

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