The Directoriate vs. Walter Wyatt Whittaker

A 15-day war for control of Victoriana

Written by Ademal

The Directoriate vs. Walter Wyatt Whittaker was a war which lasted 15 days.

The Conflict


Following the onset of the Melancholic Lacuna, Walter Whittaker became more dictatorial towards the other members of the Directoriate, claiming that since he owned the planet he owned them. This caused quite the upset among the other members of the Directoriate, and they ultimately turned against him.


The attack was intended to begin in the evening but Walter caught wind of it and initiated first. Although several of the companies were prepared to side with them, his initial attack against them as well as the dissenting parties quickly aligned them against him. The Directoriate forces scrambled and retaliated.


The battle was held on planet of Victoriana, and took place above-ground—in the streets and foot-paths, below-ground—in the service tunnels and metro, and in the sky—via airship and jet. It was a furious battle waged on multiple fronts at a time, mostly by automated soldiers.


Walter Wyatt Whittaker Watchworks' Clockwork Army was largely destroyed save for a couple de-activated platoons.   Walter Wyatt Whittaker was killed in a square-off against Nathan Willow, and Ophelia Fontaine. Nathan sustained heavy injuries from Walter's disassembler nanite clouds. Ophelia took advantage of the distraction to inject him with several projectile quills poisoned with a potent neurotoxin.


Walter Wyatt Whittaker Watchworks was dismantled, assets liquidated across the other companies of the Directoriate, and wealth distributed to the people of Victoriana. The remaining Watches were either auctioned off or used for civil service to Victoriana.

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Conflict Type
Battlefield Type


The Directoriate
Walter Wyatt Whittaker


The Victory Guard
Fontaine's Fighters
60 4-man Archivist squads.
The Clockwork Army


Victory Guard: 100% Loss
Fontaine's Fighters: 60% Loss
Archivists: 31% Loss
Walter Whittaker: Deceased
Clockwork Army: 55%


Neutralize the Clockwork Army
Eliminate Mr. Whittaker
Stay alive
Eliminate the rebellion


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