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Day of the Warriors Underhill

2nd Keepersdey of Auri, 193 AA

  On this day, an entire Kaltani and Skôtish war-band was buried alive by the Lord of Earth Mandred Valhelion, the predecessor of Ludwig Ors, who created the Tower of Five. The so-called "Day of the Warriors Underhill" was the event that ultimately sealed Valhelion's fate. The event is also believed by some historians to be the original thing that set into motion the First Invasion, though in general the idea of painting the Nordmen as anything but the aggressors of the Great War is frowned upon anywhere but in regions that aren't politicized against them even now.   The entire event was the result of two coincidences: Firstly, a war-band of Kaltani and Skôts had set out from Albeney to raid the small village of Oppenhill at the same time the Lord of Earth Mandred Valhelion was visiting his grandmother there; secondly, Valhelion had lost his mother and sister during a Kaltani raid several years prior. His spite when facing the approaching hordes escalated and turned him cruel, and lifting his ancestral battleaxe Kaplumbağa, he made the ground shift below the feet of his enemies, swallowing them alive, damning them to a cruel and untimely death, bereft of the glory they craved. Not expecting magic resistance anywhere near this level, they had come without a druid, and had they brought one; what could he or she have done against the might of a Keeper?   In time, a great mound to honor the fallen would be erected by Oppenhill, and the dead referred to as the warriors of Underhill, a cruel play on words on their final resting place. Valhelion was challenged by Thor, the champion of the Kaltani and one of the immortal Old Gods, one year later and killed. That year, Ludwig Ors would be born, one of the greatest Keepers of Earth of all the ages. Though such was the ironic nature of the Age of Heroes.


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