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The world of Aqualon, its contents and characters are the intellectual property of their Copyright holder Koray Birenheide unless otherwise noted. The locations, characters, and stories are works of fiction and any correlation with real locations, characters, and stories is coincidental.  

Image Material

Unless labeled otherwise, Images and artwork used in articles on this world have either been created by me, sometimes using image material that has been released into the public domain to the best of my knowledge, or have been purchased from various artists with a full commercial-use license. If you recognize unlabeled image material on Aqualon which does not belong to me, please contact me so I may take the appropriate steps.   An exception to this general rule are current depictions of so-called "Yamato Moths" seen for example here:
Gatakoage 蛾凧揚げ (
The models for these moths were created using the Spore Creature Creator, and unlike the overall design, the individual assets that comprise it do not belong to me. images using these models are not used commercially on this website.   If you wish to use any material from this world for any other purpose than sharing, commenting, critiquing, or satirizing, please contact me at [email protected].


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