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Avatar/Legend of Korra meets Lord of the Rings meets Eon. With countless short stories, a gripping novel, poetry, and endless lore articles, Aqualon offers something for both fantasy and scifi fans. Dive in and let the gears of destiny guide you to greatness!
Hello there,   my name is Koray; welcome to my world!   Since I've been a little boy, I have been enthralled with the written word, working my way up the reading ladder from children's books to proper novels as quickly as I could, sinking my teeth into the many scifi and fantasy novels in my father's collection.   Read More
Having to commute from our little village all the way to Frankfurt Airport where he used to work before moving to Belgium several years ago, he would use his time on the train to read the newest novel he had gotten his hands on, and while some of it would trickle down to me via recommendation, often I'd just stare at the wall of often beautifully covered books in his bookshelf and take my pick. I learned reading and writing before elementary school and started writing crude poetry at the age of 7, fascinated by the harmony that rhyme and meter could evoke in the medium of language.   Ever since, poetry and creative writing have been a constant factor in my life, and while I had those phases where I focused mostly on poetry, those where I focused on prose, and those where I focused on songwriting and composing, ever since I made my first attempt at 14, writing my very own novel has always been one of my greatest desires. While my initial attempts were crude and the world I envisioned went through many changes of the years, some concepts have endured.   The name "Aqualon" came from the very first iteration of my novel, which featured a post-apocalyptic earth, covered in oceans after a severe impact event with the sole survivors of mankind being a cult that had discovered magic of sorts, and a handful of people that had survived by chance. The idea of the main character being a man capable of controlling water by use of a magic sword called Aalandra was a key concept even back then and that main character, though he has evolved over the years, is still based on the core characteristics I set out for him all those years ago.   Several years back, during the final years of high school, I finally managed to pull myself together and write the whole novel, albeit a newer version set in a different world, which I still called "Aqualon", completing my manuscript. But as I worked on my college degree in Japanology thereafter, I felt less and less able to get back to my novel and editing it properly. I didn't know it at the time, but part of my growing lethargy at the time was not due to personal weakness as I thought but due to a thyroid disease, which luckily I could start treatment on after several years of decline. As I recovered, I regained some of my motivation for working on my novel, and around that time I found this service, World Anvil, and decided to use it as the starting point to properly flesh out my world and through that process kick-start the editing and proofreading of the novel, for which I acquired the invaluable assistance of my best friend and editor, DarkListener, who has applied his love for fantasy and action as well as his methodical mind to help me make great improvements in regards to spelling and grammar as well as internal consistency.   Now, I am using this wonderful platform to create a vast encyclopedia of the world of Aqualon and the universe of the Great Clockwork, publishing new chapters of the finalized novel regularly and releasing short stories set in my world. One day, I hope, I will be able to fully dedicate my life to creating these stories.   I hope you enjoy diving into my world. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact me on the Aqualon Discord server linked below, or via email at Kentai92[at]!   Sincerely yours,   Koray Birenheide



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Dunhearst Asylum
Building / Landmark | Jan 1, 2020

On the foggy Church island of Cromwell, there lies an old Sanatorium that has endured for over a thousand years. It's history is grim, but its secrets... they are grimmer.


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What is Aqualon?

Fantasy, Science Fantasy, and Science Fiction; Aqualon intersects all parts of this spectrum, presenting itself as a world both rich in magic and advanced technology if you know where to look. But while the most powerful mages will boast of their might, the most advanced technocracies hide their superiority behind cautious isolation.
Show Synopsis
A strange planet, forged out of nine floating asteroid worlds 7923 years ago by a powerful magus known only as the Faceless World Shaper now travels calmly around the sun. Tick tock.   Long ago, he united the men of Midgard and Swartalbaheim against the Albenmannen, Jötunmen, and the Old Gods, beating them into submission and remaking the Old World into this new one with the help of Yilik the Wise and the five Grand Sages, who had opposed the Old Gods even before his arrival. Today, seventeen centuries since the Great War of the Age of Heroes when the Old Gods rose up once more in vain, the world has become prosperous: powerful magocracies in the Middle Lands are going through a magical industrial revolution and rich tapestries of cultures flourish in the Yamato Mountain Range and the Seventeen Yonder Islands. These lie in the Corsic Ocean of the Ocean Belt beyond the 150 kilometer band of iron, the Iron Belt, which rings the planet around its equator.   And isolated from the rest: two technocracies so far beyond them that they could be thought to live in a world of their own. These are divided by their opposing views on integrating magic and technology, yet united in their quest for knowledge.   But who would have thought that none of these would start the next great war?
This great war is the Glimmer War, and it is being set up in my first novel, "Aqualon, Rise of the Broken". Learn more about this world by delving into the many encyclopedia-like articles about its cultures, places, magic, and technology, or dive right into the novel and a plethora of exiting short stories, all here on this site!

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Aqualon Novels




Rise of the Broken
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A dark wind is blowing over the Middle Lands. The Council of Five is broken, and all across the world old powers are rising up out of legend, lured by the threat of a strange yellow glimmer that corrupts the hearts of men and greedily grasps for the great clockwork that runs behind all things.
Atlas Muundir, once the avatar of the world's waters, is cast out, broken, and forced to fight for a world he no longer feels part of, thrust on by new friends and old obligations.
Meanwhile, all around Aqualon old warriors, young prodigies, and ancient orders rouse, sensing the scent of war around them. They come from amongst the broken, legends, and forgotten gods; and mages, technocrats and Null suddenly find age old enmities forgotten, when the very nature of their existence is at risk.
It is easy to fight with your life on the line when you know your soul will be saved. But what would you do if it was the other way around?
  Johna Jericho
Show spoiler
Facing the Keeper of Earth just as Fulgrath prepares to jump away, Balsibart finds herself in a fight more difficult than she had anticipated. To defeat the mighty Lord Sameth, she brings one of the souls within her back into the real world: Johna Jericho, a famous Black Priest of the Church of Pure souls, who spent his life hunting animancers and pirates.   But who is Johna really, and how did he end up in Balsibart's conclave, even though Balsibart is the sworn enemy of the Church? And what will he do, once he is returned to the world of Aqualon?
  The Second Sun of Arkamanthali
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With Midasmen and the Valkyrie at her side, Artemis finds herself in a position of power, but also in the midsts of an escalating war with the Keeper of Earth and his mighty city of Arda. However, with the mantle of the Great Paro in her grasp, her goal is all to clear, and from the unforgiving sands of the desert, a new empire shall arise to rival the ancient line of Arkamanthali. The black queen, wielder of Windfall, is marching to conquer her old home, and bring an Arkatrash into the new Great War that shall hit Sameth Gildorn and his armies of mages harder than he could ever have bargained for...

Choose your Guide

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Character | Jan 25, 2019

Hm. Yes. I will be your guide to this world. Alright. ~ 343 Words

Paxia is the only living (more or less) Weltenwandler on Aqualon. She originated from a past world that was destroyed and remade by the Great Clockwork that ticks behind the universe. As such, her tale about Aqualon begins somewhat before the world ever existed and while emotional and insightful, her introduction to the world is not going to be very down to earth. Still, there are merits in getting a machine's perspective...
The Travelers Guide to Aqualon
Geographic Location | Jan 25, 2019

The Travlers Guide to Aqualon by Thadeus Fletcher was a regular column in the HJT Gazette in the 1580s GE. ~ 1195 Words

Thadeus Fletcher is the maverick reporter that won't hesitate to go above and beyond for you, the avid reader of his travel column for the HJT Gazette! Follow his many newspaper articles on his travels to the Great Land where the oldest and most powerful nations of the world reside, filled with adventure, discovery, and a touch of magic.
Old Tim's One Hundred Facts about Aqualon, Revised Edition
Generic article | Jan 25, 2019

One hundred facts about the world of Aqualon, all in one handy volume, written by Old Tim. ~ 12148 Words

Old Tim's One Hundred Facts about Aqualon, Volume 2
Generic article | Feb 13, 2019

In 1663 GE, as a little hobby on the side, Timmothy Jargon, renowned technocrat of Miyako Fluxum, began collecting facts and stories about the world of Aqualon. In 1673 GE, he released this, his second booklet listing 100 of these facts. ~ 13449 Words

Too prosaic for you? Perhaps you prefer easy-to-digest chunks of information. Well, Timothy Jargon, technocrat and collector of stories from the mighty Moving City, Miyako Fluxum, has got you covered! Delve into his first two anthologies of tiny facts about the world of Aqualon, gathered during conversations with interesting people and readings of obscure tomes from all over the planet.
A History of Faith on Aqualon: The Old World
Tradition / Ritual | Feb 26, 2020

Before Aqualon was forged into a planet, it consisted of nine asteroids, floating around the sun, a rainbow river connecting them. Then, people put their faith in titans and gods, before they knew better. ~ 1777 Words

And lastly, if you enjoy accounts of ancient times, perhaps you'd like to start all the way back before the world was reshaped? Instead of learning about the Aqualon of today first, instead explore what people believed in when the world was split into nine asteroid worlds: the Nine Realms. Learn about elemental titans and Old Gods that were still brand new way back when.
Don't know where to start? Then click the image above! I have started a number of still continuing article series that can help you find your way into the world of Aqualon. These articles might be just the thing to start your journey.

Awards and Testemony

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Character | Jul 30, 2020

Some people change the world for the better; but sometimes the way they do it is unsavory to say the least. (5556 Words)

This was such an enjoyable read! I feel like I have a complete understanding of her motives, personality, and choices that she has made. The details tying her involvement in your world were extremely well woven throughout this whole article. My favorite part of this article is the way you described her mental characteristics in paragraph form that explained more in-depth the series of events that occurred in Hestia's life.
- Sai
Codex Riccardium - A Primer on the Moths of Yamato
Species | Dec 26, 2018

As Riccard Leeuw prepares to discuss the principles of technamagix in his codex, he sets a few pages aside to talk about the Moths of Yamato. (13848 Words)

I absolutely love the editing of the images in this entire article and how they were made to look like this was an entire chapter in an encyclopedia. This is incredibly detailed and leaves no questions to be asked, and I am honestly so pleased with how it's written with so much care. I especially like how ingrained the moths of Yamato are in the culture. The song is beautiful, and I can't even begin to describe everything I liked about it, but these things were the ones that stood out the most to me. You've put so much love into this article!!
Glint, by Heinrich Thadeus Borgerat
Document | Jan 25, 2019

The book that, unintentionally, inspired the founding of the Church of Pure Souls. ~ 3539 Words

OH MA GOD THOSE POEMS ^^ Love them. Like seriously, you made a theatre piece from poems? You are an artist mate ;)   I love the poetic prose in these scenes! Gorgeous and I'm really enjoying the story. Also love the footnotes scattered throughout that give more information.
Check out what other people have been saying about Aqualon; here is a selection of comments on articles published in this world.

Aqualon Short Stories

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The Encyclopedia Aqualonia

Click above to find the potentially largest part of this World Anvil page: The table of contents listing the many articles I have written about the world of Aqualon! Browse in wonder, dear reader, and learn everything about this intricate world, be it about the spiritualistic Glade of Druith where Kaltani Schamani use their animancy magic to lead nomadic tribes across the fertile planes, or about the two laser interferometers (LIST and LINT) built by the technocrats of Borealis to detect gravitational waves.

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I work many hours every day on Aqualon if I can at all manage to spare them, and being able to make the time is only going to become more difficult in the coming years, unless people like you help me make the project self-sustaining.   That being said, supporting Aqualon for as little as 1$ a month can already make a huge difference and there are amazing rewards in it for you as well! Though much of my content is open to the public, I have many cool secrets tucked away for my patrons. Get access to exclusive blog posts on my Patreon page, early access to article and access to altogether exclusive articles. The same goes for my podcast series where I read short stories and lore articles from Aqualon: get to hear me read you a story before anyone else! And for more generous supporters, there are downloads for ebooks, podcast audio files, music, and access to extra secret author's audio commentary on articles!   I am not looking to get rich off of Aqualon, but emotionally, this world is my child, and I want to take care of it and see it grow as much as possible. I don't need you to read my stories, my stories need you to read my stories.   If I could, I would write stories every day all day for the rest of my life. Help me make this a reality.   And if you can't afford or don't want to help out financially: I still very much appreciate you reading my work. Thank you!
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The Hank & Jordan & Tenzer corporation controls the shipwright and logistics sector of the Corsic Ocean and is rivaled only by the West-Yamato Trading Company. They are most famous for their Ferries, ship's mages for hire, which can be found at local HJT offices, which command wind or water to ensure safe passage in a sea riddled with storms and powerful pirate houses.  
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The Grand Academy of Fulgrath is one of the highest institutes of learning in the Middle Lands , and whether you specialize in lightning magic, alchemy, or the sciences, you'll be sure to make it far in the city of boundless opportunity. Of course not all mages concur that the GAF reigns supreme in magical education, and in fact there are a total of five Magus Academies in the Middle Lands and two overseas.  
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  • Get the first novel "Rise of the Broken" as an ebook once it is completed in early 2019 and a proper ebook conversion has been completed.
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The Brotherhood of the Null owns two great sanctums hewn from obsidian at either Walls of Weltenend (Eastern and Western) where they train in their strange art of nullifying magic while seeking enlightenment, ever ready to step in when magic is being used to the detriment of the human race.  
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Going beyond technology driven research, the technocrats of Miyako Fluxum dare to do research in technamagix, the banned faculty of Borealis. Knowledge is the ultimate end in itself, so move ahead with me, all the way to the future!  
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Aqualon designs on Printerstudio are available on a variety of products and are shipped world wide. If you are interested in alternate sizes or want certain designs on certain types of products, contact me via email: Kentai92[at] or on Discord. If you are interested in Aqualon merchandise, the Aqualon Discord Server is also a great place to stay up to date on sales and coupons.
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As I work on the world of Aqualon, I regularly come up with cool new in-world designs and maps, and some of them I try to make available on merchandise to further support this project. While sporadic, contributions via merchandise are great for reinvesting into equipment and in prizes for the writing and trivia contests I regularly hold for my readers.

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