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Arch Mage

So you want to be an Arch Mage? Not only would you have to run the Academy itself, which isn't a small amount of work, you're also responsible of keeping the whole city of Lenthir in order. You have no idea how many hours of paperwork that is in a week. I haven't had a vacation in over a hundred years, come to think of it.

Oh, so you don't want to be an Arch Mage after all? I thought so.
— Bronas Lyari
Current Arch Mage


The holder of the title needs to have studied at the Academy of the Arcane, and used the time after graduating to learn about as many aspects of magic as possible.


The Academy staff is responsible to choose a new Arch Mage if needed, but if the current Arch Mage is still alive and able to, they should choose their heir themselves. The Academy staff has the right to veto this decision if they feel the new Arch Mage is not right for the title.

Since the title has had exactly two holders since it was established, there isn't any defined ceremony when someone new get the title. An official statement is sent out to all nation leaders as well as to Campus Necropolis naming the new Arch Mage. The new Arch Mage will also have to hold a speech to the Academy faculty and students to let themselves be known.


First and foremost the Arch Mage works as a headmaster of the Academy of the Arcane and as the highest authority on magic in general.

The Arch Mage is also the leader of the city of Lenthir itself, though with the responsibilities of the Academy the day to day running of the city is delegated to the Mayor of Lenthir. The Arch Mage does have veto rights on most decisions made by the Mayor or the Council, though.


One of the greatest benefits is prolonged life. An Arch Mage doesn't live forever, but a human Arch Mage can live for several centuries. The details about how this happens is unclear, but the most believed theory is that Lenthos himself did something with the office of the Arch Mage that makes the holder live longer. Bronas Lyari, the current Arch Mage, will neither confirm or deny this.

The title of Arch Mage comes with great political power, even outside the borders of Lenthir.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

To deem an Arch Mage unfit for the title, the Academy staff can vote to dismiss the current holder of the title. More than half the staff need to vote for the dismissal, and even if some staff is absent or refrain from voting for any reason the votes for dismissal still needs to be more than half the total number of staff, not only the half of the total votes.

If dismissed, the Arch Mage needs to give back all items belonging to the title or the Academy, and remove all personal items from the Academy premises.
Magical, Honorific
Length of Term
Until dismissed, resigned or dead
Current Holders
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