Zuram Plateau


The Zuram Plateau is where you'll find the Gearport, which is the Elmazari Clockwork Gondola station. As this is the fastest way to get to Elmazar from Mandural and the rest of Southern Asharia it was natural to put the station here, in the heart of Elmazar's trading and business life. It also helped that the Plateau was on the southernmost side of the city, where the Clockwork Gondola line would enter the city by a straight line from Mandural.

Guilds and Factions

This area of Elmazar is where most guilds have their workshops and headquarters, so this is where most of the more specialized items get constructed. Practically all of Shireon's clockwork items are produced here in the Clockwork Guild workshops, and the Northpeak Miners both produce new and maintain old equipment in their forges here.


The Zuram Plateau is an important hub for export and import due to the Clockwork Gondola to Mandural. It's much easier to reach Mandural than Elmazar from both the southern parts of Asharia and from Lenthir, making the Clockwork Gondola the natural way to transport goods to and from Elmazar.

Most shops in Elmazar are located on the Zuram Plateau, and most of these are along Curiosity Street.


The Zuram Plateau isn't just a plateau by its name - it's an actual plateau. The southern edge of the city of Elmazar ends in the edge of this plateau, with a steep cliffside almost a hundred meters tall.

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