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The Living Glade

Small creatures flitted from flower to flower, and the scent of life filled the Glade. The Legionnaire fell to his knees, falling into the mud. The mud covered his wounds, and he could see them stitching themselves back together. He could feel life returning to him. "Rise again, child. Rise to save the tree."


The Living Glade is directly above a spring, which pumps life giving water to the land above. It is surrounded by hills, which help to keep the Menace at bay. There are rare and unusual plants found here, all of which are colorful and have restorative properties.   The Living Glade seems to move of its own accord, being found by the most desperate, and then disappearing. A common theory is that the Living Glade moves and shifts as the Rip boils, appearing and reappearing around the edges of the ripples within the Rip. The few groups that have been devoted to the study of the Living Glade have never been able to consistently find it.

Fauna & Flora

There are many plants and animals here, many of which are found nowhere else. Insects swarm the place, and the plants feed off of them, using their sweet scent to lure insects into their maws. The water teems with life, none of which is hostile to people. None of the life within the Living Grove is hostile to people, unless provoked.   There are living trees within the Living Glade, which are incredibly rare elsewhere. The trees speak and know of times ling since past.

Natural Resources

There is little to be gained here. Water taken from the place loses its magical healing properties, and the animals and plants are better found in other places. There are a few very potent herbs used for healing and the cleansing of corruption.   Most of the plants that are found in the Living Glade are edible, and rather filling as well.
Alternative Name(s)
Living Waters
Forest, Jungle (Tropical)

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