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Plains of Aryia

Formerly known as the Bloodplains, the Plains of Aryia are the plainlands immediately surrounding the Aryia's capital city of Llyne. Before King Gautier Oweyn established his kingdom, the plains were known as the Bloodplains because of the constant fighting between petty lordlings that left the area proverbially flooded with blood. The plains are primarily grasslands that have a temperate climate, which has lead to an evenly distributed population, who live in big cities or villages. The members of The Golden Circle patrol the plains, and provide protection to the more remote settlements who are not big enough to have their own guard.


Now that peace has come over the former Bloodplains the landscape is quite beautiful with calm lakes and cascading rivers cutting through flat green, open fields.

Fauna & Flora

Deer, rabbits, and dozens of other herbivores call these plains home as do wolves and other predators who feed on these herbivores. The rivers and lakes are abundant with freshwater fish, turtles, ducks, and crabs. Birds of prey like hawks and eagles use the plains as hunting grounds while waterfowl like ducks flock to the lakes and rivers.

Natural Resources

A decent portion of the plains are used by herdsmen who allow their cattle, sheep, goats, and other livestock to graze upon the grass. The lands that haven't been used by ranchers, have been converted into farm lands where farmers grow dozens of crops like corn, wheat, and potatoes. The rivers and lakes in the area provide fresh water, as do underground reservoirs, and freshwater fish.
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