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Poseiden 7

The entire world was the Himilayas, got flooded and jungles popped up on the peaks that stuck out the water.

Written by Dr Jimothy

This was originally a world without much water after the initial terraforming but the CHG, seeing this, were like "maybe a drop or two more" and now it's completely flooded with only mountains sticking out of the water. The thing is that the planet was almost all mountains and so now it's rare to be on an island outside of swimming distance of another. The islands themselves are extremely lush and fertile as wind currents fling the water, which is nutrient rich from wearing away at the ground beneath the water, onto the islands.


Lots and lots of steep islands sticking out of less-salty-than-ours ocean all over the place with tonnes of greenery and jungles on all of them. Fun fact: this planet's crust is far thicker than ours and has many massive underwater tunnels between locations, most of them either made by human machinery or titanic beasts that live here as a means of making future transport easier.

Fauna & Flora

Many plants germinate by getting their seeds into the ocean to be carried off to nearby islands and each island is basically a jungle. Very few animals lack the ability to swim or fly, even if they don't necessarily spend much time in the water. Swimming sloths, crocodiles, various birds (especially water birds) and species of fish beyond counting and more all know this planet as their home. Also there are some titanic beings that call the planet home, largely roaming the deeper waters of the planet and creating underwater tunnels to link up such deep-water locations.

Natural Resources

The ability to produce tonnes of food here is a pretty major industry for the planet's inhabitants, who use technologically advanced ways to farm fish, fruit and staple foods. Wood is also valuable as a way of making novelty goods.
Alternative Name(s)
Po7, that flooded mountain world
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