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What the hell have you done to Santa!?

They ruined Santa. They made it so that he punishes naughty children rather than giving presents. Somehow Krampus has become the one that does present giving and the cartoons of him have him being adorable..?


Santa apparently punishes kids and the punishments for bad behaviour can include:

The removal of teeth with tweezers (specifically for kids who don't brush their teeth).

Just punching the crap outta them (children who are violent).

Locking them in a cupboard for 4 days with just some bottles of water (children who overeat).

Force feeding them greens through a tube inserted into their mouth (kids who refuse to eat greens).

Stealing their puppy/general pet to feed it to his elves (not appreciating the puppy/kitten/pet enough).

Stealing literally all of their toys, teddy bears, game consoles, etc (children who steal).

And a tonne more, with a bonus flavouring of whatever other awful things the parents, who apparently care nothing for whether or not their child grows up traumatised, can come up with.

Historical Basis

Well, within the CHG in the 2500s, there were multiple movie/TV (well at this point it's not TV or movies but same purpose) companies decided to make movies of Krampus being the nice one and Santa being evil because why not?

Children hadn't been being told about Santa or anything like that for over a hundred years (except for a few planets, including Earth) because of how difficult it is for companies to apply seasonal aesthetics when most planets don't even have Winter at the same time as Earth - if at all - when Earth itself hasn't seen any real winters for ages now, with the North and South Poles having to be artificially kept in existence as they're considered vital landmarks. This meant it was easy to do a reboot and the companies, going off of the fact that animal that can be made cute = good and overweight man in a time when starvation was actually a bit of a problem = bad, decided to switch the places of Krampus and Santa, making the elves Santa's evil servants and Krampus have an army of muppets making presents for him.

Well, more accurately, one man went across human territory trying to sell this idea but constantly got turned down whenever he told them he hadn't patented the ideas. And so tonnes of companies pumped out similar stuff at once with parents taking notes of how they can use this to get their kids to behave themselves - all while the man who came up with it only ever received any money as a charitable donation from a trillionaire who heard about this and felt like making himself look cool by doing so.


Pretty much everyone in the Core Worlds, where tonnes of movies were released, knows of and has grown up in fear of the dreaded Santa. Rim Worlders are less likely to know of it and most Middlers (as in between Rim Worlds and Core Worlds) and Guard Worlders (near the LIR-CHG border) know of it.

Variations & Mutation

Krampus's assistants are sometimes woodland animals and Santa's elves are instead straight up demons. Sometimes Santa wears green instead of red and for some reason the people of Poseidon 7 have him in blue.

Cultural Reception

Some are like "I think they went overboard with Santa's evilness", others say "don't care, traumatise my kids all you want if it makes them stop finding ways to break my unbreakable future plates"

In Literature

Well it's kind of a kids thing so mostly children's books and a few edginess loaded edgy stories by edgy teens who either make letter-delivered torture porn by Santa or go back to the old roots of Santa good Krampus bad and make a giant point of how "ugh guys it's those damn companies they did this before by making Santa red ugh".

In Art

Children's drawings: either for kids or by kids or both.
Date of First Recording
2542 in a dingy apartment in a super-block on a now-fully-terraformed Mars.
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