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The Infinity Base

Ahh, the Infinity Base. The culmination of all Jeff's ridiculous intelligence as all the technologies he made accumulated into the blueprints he made for this place. Humanity and the CHG's greatest asset with which humanity is now almost as powerful as the LIR, home to the free GMOs. This is where the human race breaks the law of the conservation of matter and energy and then uses this to create entire planets.

Purpose / Function

This is where pretty much (except for some experimental stuff) all matter duplication takes place. The Infinity base itself therefore acts as a sort of matter duplication factory that comes complete with most of it being dedicated to security.


The inhabitants of the civilisation part of the structure have been rather enthusiastic at decorating it with various patterns and the like. 97percent of the civilisation part is actually wilderness (as in with dirt, trees and animals) that the GMOs expand into.


There are 4 exits to the duplication facility and 1 entrance/exit in one. Attempting to use the pure exits as an entrance, or even as an exit, is likely to result in death as these are where the planets come out and you're likely to crash into one or be shot with a turret.


The GMO denizens are generally suspicious of outsiders and a core aspect to their society is being a capable soldier. Otherwise they're a bunch of hippies, but less peaceful. Or, more accurately, they're peaceful until someone's trying to attack or destroy the Infinity Base.

Hazards & Traps

There are countless death-bots roaming around the no-go parts of the facility, as well as regular bots guarding everything. The surface of the facility from the outside is covered in extremely powerful radiation-anti-gravity mines (means all of the force goes upwards ie: into you, produces tonnes of radiation so you die within a few days even if the explosion doesn't kill you and destabilises the gravity nets you're on so that one half of you suddenly weighs more than a truck and the other experiences negative gravity (which tears you in half)).


As a rule, it's defensive power has always been increasing. Additionally, the existence of a society of GMO warriors there has only been a thing for the past 80 years but is a rather helpful change as its guards are more numerous, capable and willing to die to defend the station as a result of the fact that they live there and their families do as well.


At the centre are 3 great rings put together with stuff going in 1 and out of 2 like this:

O-> ->OO->

These are 3 portals and anything that goes through the middle O will come out of both Os as, simply put, the 2 edge Os are the ends of a 2-ended portal. This allows for matter duplication.

So, then there is a giant facility build around these so that extremely dense matter can be pumped through at all times so that there's a massive output of material and then other facilities for transporting this material into other structures where it's atomically broken down and put back together again for the atoms the CHG wants. These atoms are then flung together into ENTIRE PLANETS in an anti-gravity generator and then pulled out with a series of gravity nets to be transported into orbit around stars and then terraformed and colonised. That's aside from the 1/4 of all duplicated matter that goes to the military through portals (portals are extensively used within this structure, but only the special kind with exotic matter can duplicate matter by having 2 ends and 1 entrance compared to how regular portals go both ways and just have 1 entrance and 1 exit depending on which side you're on).

Everything else around the base is security. The CHG has built a planet larger than Jupiter with countless internal layers around the facility for a society of GMO warriors to live in and on with a population in the hundreds of billions and growing. This society is largely allowed its own autonomy so long as it remains loyal to the CHG, which is very unusual treatment for GMOs to receive from the CHG but this is the defence of the matter duplication. There are also plenty of regular human defenders and some alien special forces protecting this as well. The GMO society also gets to have a massive armada of ships to pilot in case of an attack but their main role is as ground troops in case the structure is penetrated.

Oh and of course the reason they aren't all crushed by gravity is the fact that the layers include gravity nets. The facility itself runs on energy from recycling, a sun that it is orbiting and the conversion of 0.4percent of the duplicated matter into energy.


Jeff the Super-Intelligent AI invented matter duplication and numerous other technologies, as well as advancing existing ones, which were utilised in this mega-structure, which he also made the blueprints for. 12 years after his robot rebellion was finally crushed, the CHG decided to build up tonnes more defences around the Infinity Base as it had almost been taken by Jeff during his rebellion, which would've made his forces unstoppable. This was a 40 year program which included the resettlement of all the GMO soldiers the CHG had made during the war on the station so that the CHG could pretend it wasn't bending the rules by rewarding them with rights for their service, and every bit of duplicated matter from the duplication was put to these improvements.

Since the only limiting factors for how much matter could be duplicated at once was how dense the material being duplicated was, how quickly it was being pulled through and how much exotic matter there was to make more 2-ended portals with, the CHG made sure to make improvements to all these areas. Matter flies out of the duplication at 78432 meters per second, is at a density high enough for it to be considered plasma and the CHG now thinks of exotic matter the same way as the USA thinks of oil: GOTTA GET IT ALL.
Alternative Names
Duplication Centre, The Society of Scum
Government complex
Environmental Effects
There are all sorts of biomes inside the civilisation part of the facility, all the better to make it logistically difficult to attack the place.
Owning Organization
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