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Main Military Portal Hub

Normally, you can only link 2 portal rims at a time to form portals between them. Making one of those portal ends then connect to a different portal end takes several hours, so it's often better to have numerous portals and keep them running all the time. A portal hub then becomes useful as you can go through 1 portal and then another very easily to end up somewhere really far away while not actually moving much. The CHG has such a portal hub, containing 200 portals and linking to several smaller portal hubs, so that forces can show up wherever they're needed very quickly.

Purpose / Function

Getting military forces and resources wherever they need to be at any time.


The number of portals and ship docking spaces has massively increased. There isn't much need to add to the portal hub itself as anything you can't fit on can be added onto the other end of one of its portals.


Most of it follows a Jeffian style (lots of swirly patterns... Jeff the insanely intelligent AI was oddly decorative and it feels kinda weird that he loved swirlies rather than squares) but the newer parts have the usual decoration-free style of the CHG.


First built by Jeff. The humans were kinda "wait why would we need a portal hub? Our territory is tiny" but Jeff was like "true but is it always gonna be tiny?" so they built it... he may have also refused to invent anything if they didn't build it.

By Jeff's command, the portal network was expanded to contain 30 portals. Then the good old Jeff War/Robotnik Uprising happened and all the portals since then are made by the CHG itself with the crappy decoration-free style.
Alternative Names
The Death Portal Hub
Transportation hub
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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