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Whitebloom Plains

Careful where you step, sien-grisso. The first seeds of the royal greenhouse came from here, and these flowers mean the world to us. If I see you plucking even one petal, you get a one-way trip to Irisport in a crate.
  The Whitebloom plains are at the southernmost part of the Great Forest, where trees get scarce as the sea gets close. It is said that it was one of Nelandra Aigleran's favorite location on the continent, but also her birthplace and homeland.   The plains take their name from the unique flowers that grow there: the Nélandrées. "Whitebloom" is, in fact, the former name of the plant before it was renamed as it became the symbol of the Nelandrean Cult and the Menicean Royal family.   There, the climate is perfect for the flower to grow; wild Nélandrées are found nowhere else but in the Whitebloom plains.  

Pilgrimage spot

As Nelandra's homeland, the area got a lot of attention from the cult. A small division of guards patrols every day along the border with the forest to make sure no one is deteriorating the place. The crown also funds a small crew of gardeners to keep the flowers healthy and the place good looking.   Each year, young pilgrims make a stopover at the coastal village of Hiarennel. They spend a few days exploring the area while listening to the local Dove's history lesson.


After the place was deserted during the Clan War, as the Aigleran clan followed their leader Nelandra, people went back during the first century of the Golden Age.   The clergy was in a massive need of Nélandrées after Kelyeran Asturac revealed that he wanted the altars to have a flower for them to be authentic. Since the White Castle did not have the greenhouse at that time, they rushed the gardeners to the plains to get the whiteblooms they needed.   For a few years, gardeners would make the trip each spring before some finally settled more definitively there as the spot became touristic.


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South-east of the Great Forest
Owning Organization

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Hey Happy, it's me, the feedback wizard here to L-O-V-E this article!   I love that you made sure that the flowers were integrated into the culture of the Cult, to the point of being threatened with violence if you harm them unnecessarily! It makes them "not just flowers", but instead symbols of something more important.   One thing I would fix is the sentence in the pilgrimage spot section which says "A small division of guards patrols every day the border with the forest to make sure no one is deteriorating the place." It's a weird sentence; I would say something more like "Every day, a small division of guards patrols the forest border to ensure no one damages the area." It just clears up the meaning a little more.   I've got a question for you to help guide further world-building if you're interested: What other things live here? There's a big focus on the flowers, so do animals also live here? Other kinds of plants and trees? I think it'll make the plains look more like an ecosystem, which'll make it more real!

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Hey! Thanks for the feedback, kind words and questions! I'll fix that sentence, yeah, I reread it yesterday and it felt weird too. There are definitely trees, plantations, and animals in the area. I'd say the flower fields would be highly protected but at the end of the day, the villagers need to eat so they definitely grow crops and livestock. :)