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A temperate rainforest on the Occidentalis Islands.


This is a group of islands in the area known as Occidentalis that are almost consistently wet, due to their weather patterns. They aren't a rainforest, since the area experiences snow for part of the year, but they receive a lot of rain nonetheless.   It is a group of five islands taht align in an almost straight up and down row. Each island is about equal size.

Fauna & Flora

All five islands have the same plant and animal life, but not in quite the same proportions. The life here has learned how to travel between the closely located islands.


  • Hemlock: A common but poisonous plant.
  • Maple: A deciduous tree that drops large red leaves in the fall. Produces a delicious sap all throughout the year.
  • Huckleberry: A berry-bearing bush, popular with hummingbirds and butterflies for the f;o
  • Strawberry: A delicious treat early in spring. Some tribes have learned how to preserve these, but they often turn into alcohol very quickly.
  • Blanket flower: A flower useful to line sleeping areas of those living here.
  • Shooting Star: A flower more symbolic than anything else. Wherever these grow is where an Arch fell to the Earth at one point in history. These only grow in sacred grounds.


  • Owl
  • Squirrel: A bushy-tailed rodent that hides food throughout the summer and fall season to survive the winter.
  • Flying Squirrel: A bushy-tailed rodent that has webbing that stretches between its front limbs and back limbs. They cannot truly fly, but instead glide from branch to branch.
  • Bald Eagle: A majestic scavenger. They breed for life.
  • Stegosaurs: Giant quadruped dinosaurs with thermoplates lining their spines. They typically only are found in the areas where the forest and plains meet.

Natural Resources

The local sentient species utilize the obsidian as sacred temples.

Alternative Name(s)
Western Wet Islands
Forest, Temperate (Seasonal)

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