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Excerpt from The Price of Life by Walis Harnswak
Despite the failures in the Lifestone Forest we found a way. Creating the farms were one of the most important moments in the life of our city. It allows us to feed millions of people now. The Hydrofarms are can continue to grow and feed us with very little maintenance. Walking through them is quite similar to walking through the forest. The great trees and vines growing above and the grazing Roaches and other creatures on the ground. The farms can still be dangerous though. Domesticating the many creatures needed for the farms to work has been a challenge and there are likely more challenges to come.


The Hydrofarms were created based on the Lifestone Forest and are almost exact ecological copies of the forest. The Lifestone was removed from the forest and transplanted in the cavern ceilings. The creatures and trees were slowly brought in to create the balance necessary for the farms to survive.
The trees grow from the ceiling and grow unique fruits that will drop to the ground. This food is needed to create the mold ground that allows for the large insects to live and eat.

Fauna & Flora

A wide variety of fruit trees and vegetables grow in the farms. These farms also grow a large number of unique molds and fungus that is used for a variety of things.
Massive herds of Roaches graze these farms, which continuously feeds the city. The beetles are also bred here before being sold to other merchants and noble families. Smaller insects and worms were also brought here to make sure the ecosystem stays functioning.

Feeding the City

There are currently 6 different hydrofarms on the Hydro Strata. There are also some smaller Hydro farms grown on some of the lower Strata, but these farms feed the bulk of the city. There are also plans to create 2 more farms in the next few years if they can procure more of the Lifestone. That is the key to creating the ecosystems.
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