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The island grew larger before the traveller as his ship grew closer. He could see the sharp lines of the cliff face, broken only by the thin waterfall cascading down from somewhere above it. The jungle that stretched above the clifftops showed as a dark green smudge against the blue cloudless sky. Turning east, the traveller continued to scout the island from a safe distance; who knows what dangers lurked beneath the beautiful surface. This untouched wilderness might be hiding some valuable resources.

Creth is a large crescent-shaped island in the south Jade Sea. It is covered with thick, lush jungle from end to end. On its eastern end, a range of mountains, the Skizzix Mountains, sits. These mountains are steep and made of a hard black rock which makes it nearly impossible for plants to grow on their slopes. A river runs from the mountains along the curves of the island, branching twice. The first branch leads south to the Cliffs of Sorrow, falling over the edge in a cascade of mist. It is said that these cliffs have led many an explorer to their deaths, as the wind that rushes across them seems to echo and produce a wailing sound, pulling any concerned traveller along the river and down the waterfall before they have time to think, the current too strong to fight when it becomes too late.

The jungle of Creth is full of venomous creatures and poisonous plants, as though each species competed against one another to become the most toxic. Only an explorer well-versed in identifying the truly dangerous species would be able to escape unscathed. Because living on and exploring Creth has proved perilous and, more often than not, fatal, the island remains untouched by most folk despite several attempts to colonize the place and take advantage of its rich soil and abundance of water. But two civilizations have thrived in this perilous place: the tabaxi and the qattago. The tabaxi, lithe catfolk, live in small tribes scattered throughout the rainforest, building huts of vines and branches at the bases of trees and hunting and fishing for prey. Meanwhile, the qattago, tiny frogfolk equipped with poisonous skin, build complex systems of nets, bridges, and hidden homes high among the tree tops, hunting and gathering far above the jungle floor.



Jade Sea

Notable Locations

Skizzix Mountains

Cliffs of Sorrow


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