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Verdant Crater

Surrounding a massive volcano is a crater full of the lush jungle that teems with life. Titans roam freely in only this and one other location. Where the volcano stands once stood the great dragon that rules over these lands, salamanders and elementals prowl the obsidian blasted land.  

The people of Pyreland claim the entire crater as their own but no mortal being can survive long upon the volcano. The walls of the crater are also steep and difficult to claim let a long hold as there is little that grows upon the land. Instead forts are build nearby as the people of Pyreland live among the lush jungle and nowhere else, though if they had a chance they would take our land without a moments hesitation. - Para Eident, Grey Order

Fauna & Flora

A variety of plant life grows throughout the crater with vicious poisons near the tar pits, strong regents available on the few grassy areas, powerful curatives found by the water, and dangerous spell components found near the volcano. Throughout the jungle there is also a number of sentient plants such as predator vines, giant flytraps, and stalking fungi, most of which occur naturally thanks to the abundance of natural magic.   Among the beasts both large and small the greatest among them are the Titans, the first born of this world they have been wiped out in all other lands save the Verdant Crater and Forbuho. The larger titans are small in number but powerful and it requires either an entire tribe or legendary warriors to take down the greater beasts. Smaller titans are more numerous but just as deadly for what they lack in size they make up for in ferocity and pack tactics.

Natural Resources

While the inhabitants of Pyreland have spread across the crater they are still few in number thus much of the land is untamed and boasts a large variety of natural minerals, plants, soil and creatures. Iron, mithril, and gold deposits can be found throughout the crater walls while obsidian is plentiful in and around the volcano.

Alternative Name(s)
The Great Volcano, Titan home, and the verdant jungle
Crater / Crater Lake / Caldera
Location under
Owning Organization

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