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After the God's destroyed the first world the earliest creations in the second world were Titans ancient reptilian creatures found on Sadin'Shaw in the early days of myth. Titans were crafted by the God's to fight in place of the Gods in their earliest games.

Basic Information


Titans come in many shapes and sizes, though, as the name implies the best are known to be huge or larger. While there were a wide variety most shared a number of physical features including a layer of pebble-like skin, a well-developed sense of smell, and the majority being carnivores.

Genetics and Reproduction

Titans are an egg laying species that procreates during breeding seasons. While the larger species of titan lay a single egg many of the smaller titans can lay clutches of ten to thirty eggs.

Growth Rate & Stages

Most titan eggs hatch after a few months to a year depending on size of the egg. From there the juvenile will take another three to five years before it reaches adolescence and a total of eight to ten years before the titan reaches their breeding age. Often a titan will last anywhere from thirty to fifty years if it is not killed on it's own.

Ecology and Habitats

These creatures inhabited a wide range of geographical areas, ranging from dense forests to dusty plains to dry deserts. Now they are found almost entirely in the primordial plane.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Titans as a species are varied in sensory abilities with some having dynamic vision allowing the titan to perceive any movement to other subspecies having basic senses comparable to a human. All titans have an aute sense of smell and a sensitive olfactory system allowing them to hunt wherever there is bloodshed.

Genetic Descendants
Conservation Status
The earliest Titan's were created and destroyed as the God's attempted to craft the perfect engine of destruction. Some managed to escape the God's notice and survive to breed and populate the world but most were pitted against each other in displays of dominance. When the ArchFey invaded the second world nearly all of the Titan's were wiped out.

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