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Diveguard Crags

The Diveguard Crags are considered by many to be the most picturesque spot in all of Svene. They are also considered to be the most haunted.


The Diveguard crags are a set of five mountainous ridges on the south-western coast of Panerion. While the southern side drops off into a cliff, the northern side is known for its lush greenery. It is a well-loved place location for hikers and photographers, especially because the crags are not home to the same pine forests which are common at higher elevations. Rather, the lower ground of the mountain is filled with rolling fields, often green from the coastal rains that hit it on the west side. The view from the mountain ridges is stunning, and photographs of the Ceary Fortress, near the bottom are easy to snap. But visitors to Diveguard Crags are told to leave before sunset, especially on a full moon night, for the locals tell stories of werewolves that have been known to haunt the area, and frequently say they have heard howling from up the mountain. While scientists say that this sound is created by the wind passing between and across the ridges, the crags are in fact a place of pilgrimage for Werewolves , who believe the first of their kind came from the area.

Fauna & Flora

There are few trees in the area, though several varieties of grasses and wildflowers exist on the northern side of the crags, as well as several species of butterfly. On the southern side. A lucky hiker might also spot one of the lizards that make their home in the ridges before it scampers into a crevice to escape from the nearby sea gulls. Sheep can also be seen on the northern side, as nearby shepherds bring their charges there to graze. On the southern side, mussels and barnacles can be found clinging to the cliff face.
Mountain / Hill

Cover image: Werewolf Symbol by Molly Marjorie


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