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Sylvinar Forest

Large forest in the western side of the Archan Heartland

Special thanks to Rosana Dos Santos Pinto for coming up with the name for this location


"Here feels like... home. The voice of the woods is so calm... I didn't expect to find such place in the territory of a country."
— Alex Yaerian

Being the largest forested area in the Kingdom of Archana, the Sylvinar Forest is an important part of the Heartland's ecosystem and society. Home to the Springdrop Sanctuary and other smaller elven communities, the old Archan name of the forest was officially changed to the elven name when Springdrop joined Archana.


The Sylvinar Forest spans from Nouvemond in the South all the way across to the Tail of the Serpent, along the mountains. The topography of the forest doesn't change much through its entirety, with small ups and downs but with a higher altitude closer to the mountains.

Fauna & Flora

Although oaks are common, they aren't nearly as dominant as in the Oaklands. Beeches, birches, and willows are the majority, with a few other species in between. Bushes are more hard to find, as the sunlight has a harder time getting through the taller trees.

The fauna in the Sylvinar Forest is by far the richest and most varied in the Heartland, making it a prime spot for hunting. Foxes, rabbits, wild boars, deers, and bears are all common in this area.

Natural Resources

Rich in woods, animals, and fruits, the Sylvinar Forest is full of resources that are enjoyed by both Wood Elves and Archani. There are also a few, hidden entrances to the Veins, but the dense forest and the protection of the elves make it unworthwhile to explore those resources.

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