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Springdrop Sanctuary

Elven town responsible for Archana's supply of spellfarmed materials

Special thanks to Rosana Dos Santos Pinto for having most of the ideas for this settlement


"Woah... Dad always told me of the beauties of the elven Sanctuaries but to see this in person... It is magnificent!"
— Alex Yaerian

Nearly hidden deep inside the Sylvinar Forest, Springdrop is one of the few Sanctuaries, elven settlements, around the world that are open to outsiders. Since it has joined the Kingdom of Archana, Springdrop has become an important tourism spot and asset in the production of spellfarmed materials.


As expected of a Sanctuary, Springdrop has more elves than any other race. Dwarves are nonexistent in Springdrop, as the free-spirited and relaxing culture of the elves feels too unstable for them. And humans make up about 20% of the population, though they often come in numbers as tourists.


Despite being under the rule of Nouvemond, like Hawkcliff Citadel Springdrop is allowed relative freedom in its local management with the Mayor having more power to settle disputes than in any other town. This allows the elves to keep most of their culture intact, also serving as a strong point for the touristic aspect of Springdrop.


Much like every other Sanctuary, Springdrop has no wall nor large weapons of war. Their defenses are the trees and the surrounding nature itself, which can be easily used to hide the settlement and avoid unwanted visitors.

Industry & Trade

Since its opening to outsiders, Springdrop has had a steady income from tourism, thanks to its exotic vistas. But since the development of the spellfarming techniques, Springdrop has also thrived in the production of living wood and living thread, providing their products for the entirety of Archana.


After the Calamity, some people decided to live in smaller communities and closer to nature, who would later evolve into today's elves. Of course, just as this culture was born from discordance, the same discordance rose again amongst the newer generations, between those who followed the isolationist ideas of old, and those who wanted to open their arms to the rest of the world.

Those who wanted contact with civilization left. They found a place under a waterfall where could build their new Sanctuary, and Springdrop was born. A few years later, their existence was revealed to Archana, and King Charles embraced them, making Springdrop and its people an official part of the Kingdom. The exotic vistas of the Sanctuary quickly attracted visitors from all over Archana, guaranteeing Springdrop's acceptance by the people.

A few decades later, the elves of Springdrop discovered the techniques of spellfarming. Their new "living" materials proved to be really useful for Archana, and the demand for them quickly made Springdrop expand to be able to provide for them.


As is the traditional architecture of the wood elves, Springdrop's buildings are all intertwined with nature, as to avoid disrupting its balance as best as they can. Their houses are built on and around trees, with a design of soft curves all over. While they don't use paint to decorate their houses, they do use different kinds of wood through each house, highlighting details and improving the aesthetics. Flowers are also widely used as decoration, as well as patterns carved on the wooden walls and roofs.


Being at the heart of the Sylvinar Forest, Springdrop is surrounded by lush and dense forests and hilly terrains, but with enough flat clearings to be used for spellfarming. The Black River with its waters still clear goes through Springdrop, which was built around a waterfall, inspiring the name of the Sanctuary.

Natural Resources

The Sylvinar Forest provides Springdrop with all its inhabitants need to survive: freshwater, fruits, meat, fish, wood, and protection from invaders. Space is lacking since the elves refuse to cut down trees - they use wood only from trees they planted themselves - but try to and make do with the clearings available through the forest.

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