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The great oak woodland in Archana


"This here. These oaklands seems like a good place to settle down. The woods will serve to build our houses, the cold probably won't bother us here... This will be a good home."
— Hilde Nordrum, founder of Hrastgar

Once the largest forested area occupying nearly half of the Archan Heartland, the Oaklands are still a very important location in the Kingdom of Archana even though most of it has been consumed by the Blight.


The Oaklands stretch from Nouvemond up to Hrastgar, to the east towards Vilennor, and everything in between - except for the area closest to The Wound that has been transformed into the Blightwoods.

Fauna & Flora

The flora of the Oaklands isn't as dense as in the other Archan forests, but there is a good variety of trees, even though oaks are still the majority. The fauna is much like the rest of the kingdom, but animals aren't very common, except for the smaller ones and birds.

Natural Resources

As the name suggests, the Oaklands is a rich source of oak wood, and it is from there that comes most of this resource for Archana. Hrastgar itself was named after and built with wood from this woodland.

Hunting is a rare practice, as this woodland doesn't have as much fauna as the nearby ones, possibly due to most of them fleeing from the Blightwoods. Still, there are a good amount of fruits and berries to be found in the Oaklands as a consequence of that.

Forest, Temperate (Seasonal)
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