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Living Thread

Magical threads commonly used to make clothing

Special thanks to Rosana Dos Santos Pinto for creating this material


"You need some living thread clothes. They might be more expensive, but in your line of work it will be worth the investment, you'll see."
— a merchant offering their product

The material known as Living Thread is a cotton or linen fabric treated with aether since the seed's germination for it to acquire magical properties, a process known as Spellfarming. Invented by the Wood Elves, living threads are largely used for the production of durable clothes and such.


Material Characteristics

The cloth still retains most of its physical characteristics when treated with magic, but there is a key difference that can tell them apart. While the color of the dye in the fabric stays unaltered, one can see each thread as they shimmer under the light, somewhat as if they were metallic.


Clothes made from living threads are known for their resilience to tearing and self-repairing capabilities. They are useful for making armors and adventuring clothes.

Life & Expiration

It highly depends on the use, as more frequent damaging means the fabric will lose its properties quicker, but the living thread can retain its properties up to 5 years.

History & Usage


Due to the nomadic culture of the wood elves, it was a matter of time until they encountered an aether-rich environment. Through observation and trial and error, they found out that it was magic that was allowing plants and animals to acquire special characteristics, and then developed a technique to reproduce this to their advantage.

Everyday use

Although it is considerably more expensive than common fabric, living thread finds its use not only in the clothes of nobility but also of mercenaries, adventurers, soldiers, and such. Thanks to the properties of this fabric, it is a good investment for gambesons and even common clothes that may get damaged often.

Cultural Significance

Not only living thread, but all spellfarmed materials are of great importance to the wood elves. Most of their crafts are made from such materials, as they are the ultimate manifestation of their culture that mixes nature and magic.

Manufacturing & Products

There are quite a few uses for living thread besides in clothes and armors. All kinds of products that are made by threads have seen a living thread variety. Ropes, cords, flags, sails, nets, tents, backpacks, bags, purses, towels, curtains, rugs, carpets, couches, pillows, canvases, and so on. Some of them are made for the practical use of the thread, and some simply for its fancy looks.


Trade & Market

As the creators of the technique, wood elves are the main producers of living threads. Not many people know the exact details of the process, which guarantees the elves' dominance over the market. In the Kingdom of Archana, Springdrop is the only source of spellfarmed products.

As dyed, but with a slight shimmer
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