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Meles Steppe

Green rolling hills, crystal blue waters and open skies. The Meles Steppe is a place of natural beauty and fertile land. Fields of golden wheat and apple orchards cover the hills around the towns that scatter the landscape. The animals and people who make this place their home are known for their seemingly peaceful and simple life until they are provoked.


The Meies Steppe is a large area of rolling hills and fertile grasslands interlaced with numerous streams and rivers. The fields of grass and farmlands lay between the inner and southern seas. Small forests and natural orchards scatter the temperate landscape. The coasts ranges from white sand beaches to large rocky cliffsides but the shores are most often calm.

Fauna & Flora

With its mild climate and varies soils, a diverse pattern of vegetation fill the grasslands. Oak, Elm and Ash trees make up most of the trees found. Wildflowers cover large areas of land where farms are not present. There are few large animals, where most of the animals come in the form of small mammals and birds. Due to the large farming communities, there are large numbers of cattle and other easily farmable creatures. The deeper forests have been known to produce excessively large beasts covered with bony carapaces that aggressively attack farms and villages when the forests cant sustain their larger appetite. The lands are famous for their large number of giant badgers.

Natural Resources

The fertile soil and lush forests provide an abundance of grain, fruit and game. Food and various forms of alcohol are the main exports. Cider is made from the various fruit orchards and the large number of natural flowers has to lead to large exports of honey as well as the flowers themselves. The coasts and river are plump with fish and other aquatic fish.
Alternative Name(s)
Badgers Farmland
Owning Organization

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