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Atlantis Reborn

If there is a chance for recovery, look under the seas!

Let us explore what the Amazonian speaks. Send a drone to the depths so we can appreciate an ally from the sea!
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The oceans felt the shards of the large interstellar cruiser pierce her supple skin; the toxic poison seeped into her fluid. However, her vastness of scope and overwhelming essence turned a disaster into a new paradise. The Amazonian are amazed what a mere century has done to change the landscape of their territory.   Over the decade of pain from 2036-2045, most of the planet suffered in death and rotten waste on its land, but the underwater worlds flourished. Seafaring vessels sank. Ocean platforms crumbled and coastal hot spots drowned into the depths by tsunamis. However, the oceans rinsed itself of the poison and drove its foulness into pockets of uninhabitable zones.


Aquaman clip by Warner Bros Pictures
Once given approval by Queen Diona, we were given underwater adaptation technology to explore the cast kingdom they have built. The armed escort shown here was quite impressive, and we made sure to keep ourselves well behaved during our visit.   The age post cataclysm brought new energy to the underworld. The sea itself absorbed what malignant properties of the alien impacts wrought and somehow converted them into beautiful offspring. Creatures with bioluminescence were enhanced, plantlife evolution rates tripled, jellyfish species fed on the energies and radioactive organisms and grew, and the ecology thrived.

Fauna & Flora

Great Barrier Reef by photo by Unknown
The structures of the reefs weakened, and much beautiful coral died out, but after a decade or so, the habitat would be reborn with mutated counterparts. Brittle fragments had echoes of animated Kryllets

Natural Resources

Atlantis derived most of their energy by the bounty of geothermal energy supplied from hydrothermal vents and underwater hot springs. The heat drives the forces necessary for harnessing power effectively. The vents and undersea volcanoes are also rich sources of minerals and metals essential for constructing durable buildings for a civilized underwater kingdom. When the earth was affected by the impacts, earthquakes destroyed marine life, but the number of geothermal vents and volcanoes that arose from it doubled, making recovery efforts easier.
When a planet is assailed to the brink, its last hope is the seas. Let the Oceans do and all will return.
— Queen Diona
Rumors are growing that there are underwater secure havens humans can reclaim. One legend of particular interest is the Lost Lair of the Feegee.


A recent rebellion has overthrown Queen Diona by a Wizard named Queen Stryia. There is current strife in the kingdom and factions are taking sides. The Amazonian Kingdom may not be a stable ally for some time. If Stryia emerges victorious and cements her place as ruler, expect enemies from the seas!

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Cover image: by Staudinger + Franke


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