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The Garden of Devorn

There are rumors of a garden, run by the last of the Devornian Mages. The people whisper of its bountiful fruit, of its tall trees that shield from the sun, and of its generous host who welcomes any and all who find there way to them.


Currently located in a valley to the East of Sundertown, although it's location may change in the event of an earthquake, it remains hidden due to its placement in the valley.   The tips of the tree tops are a brownish color, scorched from the hot sun, but the trees themselves remain healthy and unscathed.   Within the garden, one is struck by its familiarity, of encountering something that one had lost long ago. The thick greenery, the fresh scents, it is calming to the nerves.   There is a small river that runs all throughout the garden, it's source unknown, as it does not appear to come from outside the garden.

Fauna & Flora

Many of the local flora and fauna that lived in the surrounding lands moved into the Garden when the world started ending, creatures such as the hedge rabbit, the bug elk, and the river tiger, they all found a home within the Garden.   The fauna is a curious mix, it would appear that the Last Devornian Mage had planted seeds from across the world, as they are flourishing in this little pocket of green. From the fruit of the Drakken Forests, to the apple-pods of the Serin Tundra, they all appear to be thriving, even though they do not usually thrive in such a warm biome.

Natural Resources

Strong steelwood from the Ferr Trees, to the Tair rope-grain bush, natural resources are abundant in this ecologically diverse garden. One must ask the Devornian Mage for permission to harvest anything, as he keeps track of what is and is not in the garden at any moment in time.
Alternative Name(s)
The Green Sanctum

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