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Rolling Plains

Located all around Voyager City, the Rolling Plains is the largest plains on the planet. Saturated with hundreds of streams, minor rivers, and multiple major rivers, the plains used to have endless rows of long grasses. Since the human occupation many years before, large swaths of the Plains has been repopulated with various Terran plants such as wheat, barley, and oats. Luckily enough, the Glenic government put emergency measures forth soon after its formation to protect the wild lands, limiting the number of pesticides and other harmful chemicals or fertilizers’ use over the entire planet. These provisions forced many agricultural companies to invest in genetic engineering, altering the normal Terran plants to be suited to the environment.


Mostly flat and split up may a large amount of rivers and streams, scientists are not completely sure why very few tree analog plants grew in the Plains. There are some rolling hills, especially to the east where the plains slowly become a range of mountains.

Fauna & Flora

Originally composed mostly of grasses similar to the Great Plains of Earth, There are limited conjectures of why very few tree analogs grew in this region. After the introduction of human plants, many different alien species had to be slightly altered to provide a form of natural control over unsanctioned spread of the invasive species. Human scientists associated with various agricultural corporations have documented as many as 20 different plant species thriving in the environment. Animal species were at a minimum, with many bugs, small mammal analogs, with other predators. There were not any apex predators similar to our lions or cheetahs, due to the lack of large herbivores.

Natural Resources

The Rolling Plans lack most industrial resources, having no easily accessible deposits of metals or resources used in ceramics or other high tech materials. However, the Plains have large sources of fresh water, enough for the nearby city in times of need. Most important, of course, is the monumental agricultural potential of the Rolling Plains. After a couple decades of scientific study, scientists discovered that with a little preparation, many of the local plants were compatible with the human body and are now used in a number of unique dishes.
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