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The Forest of Valan

Out to the north east of Castordia lies the forest of Valan. Inhabited by beautiful bronze elves, and mysterious Merfolk. It is a magical place, colours seem crisper here, and there is always a touch of magic in the air. Famed for its food, and grand canals, the forest is teeming with life and luxury for those who wish to be welcomed


The forest spreads through much of the north and east of castordia, sheltering the beaches of the north sea and in parts crossing the borders of Okan. Across these extensive lands the terrain varies greatly, however it is sure to always be a serene and beautiful place. Rivers connecting to the north sea flow throughout, and it is rumoured that once a great canal connected the south sea to the river too.   A few elven cities can be found in the forest, with varying archetecture, ranging from huts and burrows to great white towers that peek over the canopies.

Fauna & Flora

The Forest is the homeland of the elves, famously the bronze elves live at the forest's heart. Merfolk are also common here, living in pools and lagoons that are connected by great canals through the forest. As with all of Castordia Gristlebunnies can be found here, and are notably more delectable than any other variety of gristlebunny. How much of this is to do with elven cooking is uncertain, however it is to be noted that native elves tend to prefer other game. There is a great variety of birds in the forest with delightful plumage or song. Wickbears can also be found throughout the forest.

Natural Resources

A multitude of small and useful spellstones are known to be found in Valan, shimmerstones and simple songstones most notable among them. Any attempts at mining them seem limited, and are typically of little interest to the native elves.
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