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A world with large tracts of dangerous wilderness inbetween small colony settlements. A slightly higher gravity (1.35G) minimizes mountains and creates large flat areas of ground. Plants compensate by being woody and rigid, grasslands are therefore more akin to bamboo forests. The animals have evolved various methods to compensate for the heavy gravity (multiple limbs, hollow bones, structurally supportive carapaces, etc).   Tarsis lies within the hot house area of the habitable zone of its star, Katla. It has a near perfect alignment of its magnetic poles to its axis of rotation which is parallel to its orbital rotation (think football flying through space). There are four distinct climate zones on Tarsis, the equatorial desert, the tropical rainforests, the sub tropical grasslands, and the polar tundras. There are two oceans on Tarsis, the larger western ocean is known as the the Tempestic Ocean due to the violent storms that form over it. The smaller northern ocean is known as the Green Ocean due to the large amount of plant life in the ocean.   The hostility of the predatory fauna on Tarsis has earned it the classification of a Death World. However the usefulness of the many natural resources that are abundant on Tarsis as well as the existance of the rare mineral Unobtainium have fueled a concentrated effort to "tame" the planet by various organizations.


A protean colony world with only two major oceans. The high gravity has reduced mountains and created large flatlands. As a hot-house world the terrain ranges from desert at the equator to tundra at the poles. The massive amount of rain allows for a variety of forest, grassland and wetland environments.

Fauna & Flora

Flora on Tarsis have had to evolve rigid structures or support structures to compensate for the high gravity while fauna has had to develop unique survival methods.

Natural Resources

Wood, Fossil Fuels, Unobtainium, High density building materials

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