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Halfair Hills

Riding on my carriage, we had just crossed the Emphinian Crossing. Onward we go to Havergaar Savanna. Ahead of us is rolling hills. Miles and Miles of large yellow hills. It had just turned Utza and the grass is beginning to wilt and turn a golden brown. Ahead on the path, a herd of buffalo cross to get to new grazing land. I see a calf stumbles and falls as his mother gently helps him up to his feet. It's a beautiful sight. The carriage keeps trudging forward through the soft dirt.


These hills are just north of the Tillhier Mountains and they sprawl all the way out to the Bihrosious ocean. They have two major rivers flowing through them. The land is very grassy with clumps of trees every once in a while. The color of these hills change with season as the plants die and bloom. In Vanas, the hills are green and sway with the wind. In Utza, the grass is golden and dying from slightly colder weather. In Ymir, the hills are white and brown with snow and bare earth. And lastly, in Falger, the hills are bright green with speckles of color from the bloom of flowers.

Flora & Fauna

There are many animals that roam the Halfair Hills. Some are big like yaks, deer, wild horse, and other quadruped creatures, some are medium sized like wild dogs, wolfs, and foxes, and some are small like birds, prairie dogs, and rabbits. It's also home to many plants. There are many variations of grasses, herbs, flowers, bushes, and berries in these hills.

Natural Resources

The Halfair Hills are very fertile farmlands and many farms are dotted throughout this area. It is not as major of a farmland as the western plains but it still produces much of Edarah's wheat, carrots, beets, potatoes, corn and other crops. The farmers of this area know when to plant and harvest by the changing colors of the grass.
Rolling Hills
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