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Edarah is split into two continents, Miovarune to the west and Easugaar to the east. These two landmasses are connected at their southern tips with a large land bridge called the Emphinian Crossing and a large ocean named Bihrosious (after the god Bihros) splits these two continents. The very first inhabitants of Edarah were in the northern tip of Easugaar. They were blocked from exploration by a large mountain range called the Khulan Range. In the year of 241 Ac, a group of explorers discovered the Khulany Pass. This lead to the exploration of the southern part of Easugaar. Once the Emphinian crossing was founded the two empires that had already been established raced to colonize this newfound land. After years of colonization many wars were fought to break away from their parent empires. This broke the land into six empires. War has shaped these empires many years ago but most fighting has stopped and peace has been restored through many empires. Even with peace between most empires, many groups and organizations are trying to change the ways of their emperors. This leads to civil wars and uprisings throughout Edarah.

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Luke Meyer

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e)

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